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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold Front...

This morning much of Fl woke to much colder temperatures. No complaints from me as there is snow in the forecast for many of the states north of us. Still....many who have lived here for several years seem to have lost the ability to tolerate the cold.

This morning happened to be my Beach Walk morning. Up and dressed in layers, reached for the scarf that was given to me as a Christmas present (Thanks Mom) and I headed out. While there were a few folks out, it was high tide and I am guessing a bit to cold for most to venture out...I almost stayed in bed. Something about Saturday mornings and sleeping in, just goes together....especially on a chilly morning. As the forecast for tomorrow morning is in the 20's....I am sure I will stay in bed and sleep in.

Lots of birds on the beach this morning to keep me company. As I was dog less, one of those oh so rare occasions... they did not at all feel too threatened as I approached them.

Upon my arrival back from the beach I was greeted by two Goldens who knew where I was going....took a couple of seconds for them to forgive me...but forgive me they did.
While they are so good about showing you just how very much you have annoyed more then a few seconds to get their point across.

Funny, I walk to be healthier and all the fresh air and walking actually increases my appetite. This morning I gave into it and we went for a drive to Ormond Beach and had a late breakfast at Alfie's. If ever in the area stop by, you will not be sorry.
I had the 2-2-2 (two eggs, two french toast and two sausages) and cleaned my plate.

Images taken with my cell phone.

Stay Warm dear friends...wherever you are!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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