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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bailey teaches me to "Woof...

Hmmmmm, looks like Bailey taught me to "Woof".....notice how they do not give me any treats!!!!
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bailey on the Mend...

Yesterday Bailey and I headed to the North side of Atlanta to a more Holistic vet clinic. I so want to get him feeling he is on antibiotics for the bacteria in his stool and urine I thought it best to add a few things. He is off all home cooked foods and now just eating Flint River addition to the meds he is on a couple of Chinese herbs (which will help with the loose stool) as am I adding probiotics in powder form (for infants actually)....will help with the flora in his intestines. Oh and yes in deed, cranberry juice....yummmmmy. There is a capsule form for those that do not like the juice.
He is well on his way to being a healthy pup ....I have postponed his third set of vaccinations....his immune system does not need any thing added to the mix at the moment.
We have resumed his training, and daily play and exercise...while he has been walked daily...and he and Rocky managed to "sneak" a play in...we have taken it slow with him the last few days.

I have a large bag of Large Breed Puppy Wellness dog food, unopened that I would like to donate to one of the local rescue organizations. So, if you belong to one, or know of one in need, let me know.

Oh, and for those that find the music distracting, the player at the bottom of the page allows you to lower the volume, as does it allow you to change the music for your listening pleasure ;-)
Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick Puppy....

Poor Bailey!
Since joining our pack he has had on and off again loose stool....very gassy. He has been no worse for wear from it, happy, playful. It has been something we have kept a close eye on....several trips to the vet clinic and all tests have been negative.
 I have adjusted and readjusted his diet and have found nothing that seems to agree with his system. Yesterday his behavior was a bit off....he has been doing so well with his house training...after feeding him lunch I opened his crate door and out he came, as I was reaching in for his dish he entered Gemma's crate and urinated. hmmmm....then I started thinking....earlier I had found a little urine spot on one of the doggie beds. I did not think anything about it for when you have a dog that is partially paralyzed, well we are so good at preventing her from having accidents by way of getting her out a lot throughout the day. She does have accidents that are in no way her I thought it was her. So now....hmmmmm are the accidents due to him not feeling well....or possible UTI?

As the day progressed his BM's became softer and softer.  decided to half his ration of dinner. About an hour later he vomited...and he vomited allot which tells me he did not digest his lunch. he did vomit a couple more time until his stomach was empty. I made sure he was getting water with a bit of pedialyte added to it.
This morning finds Bailey a bit more perky and so far he has kept his water down...and as I type he is looking up at me wondering why oh why I am starving him to death for I have opted to with hold breakfast. He is attempting to eat anything, everything so when out for walk he is leashed . I have a whole chicken simmering in a pot, sweet potato baking in the oven and some rice. ...lunch will be bland and just maybe he will even share with me. 
If he vomits his lunch we are off to the vet clinic, same with any accidents in the house to have his urine checked out.

The above image was taken earlier this morning....Rocky was sound a sleep in his crate when Bailey got up, climbed over....and just made himself comfy cozy for a snuggle.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What do you feed your dog....

One of the questions I am asked when out and about with my dogs is "What do you feed them"?
Bring this up around dog enthusiasts and you will get soooo many suggestions and opinions on just what is the best food to feed your canine friend. Today's posting is just my opinion on dog food....there is no right or wrong as to what food you choose to feed your dog .
In all the years and with all of the dogs that have been in my pack I can share with you I have yet to find the perfect food....meaning it all depends on your dogs individuals needs. I have over the years had a dog or two that required a special diet due to allergies or digestive issues (ibs).
Veterinarian clinics are very quick to recommend a prescription diet if and when your dogs becomes ill...big $$ in Dog Food and the clinics would be crazy to not sell these, but do know they do so for the extra money it brings into the clinic. Yes...I know....I am very sure that often times it is so very beneficial...still, In reading the ingredients listings on many of these bags....well really not the best ingredients. I usually try to find something of better quality, especially if the dog is ill.

When Mikey the Golden was diagnosed with Liver disease at the age of five, he was given about six months to live. I found a book written by a veterinarian that took the research from all of the companies that make prescription foods. They have done so much research on feeding cats and dogs, they fall short in putting the final product together as far as the the ingredients they add.. One of the suggested recipes for liver disorders was a cottage cheese and rice diet (cottage cheese is so very easily absorbed. and does not over work an already damaged liver)...of course supplements were added to make it balanced and complete. We were very fortunate that not only did he eat it, but so too did he like it. Now of course we would add a little something like a treat at the bottom of the bowl....I always thought he gobbled it up just to get the treat ;-)
We also decided, since his time with us was to be short, not to do any more vaccinations....Mikey lived 5 1/2 years more....good, happy years. I do attribute that to his diet, care given.

Of course....if your dog is ill, and your vet suggests a food short term....nothing wrong with giving it a try, if something long term, you just may want to do a little research.
I have cooked, I have tried raw....again whatever the dog as an individual requires. The best way to feed your my opinion is by cooking their food. While I no doubt those that feed raw would beg to differ, I have yet to have a dog where raw was the cure all that it so claims to be. Please note, I am not knocking it as I have seen so many dogs flourish on it. To feed a cooked or raw food one must make the time to do the research, and then the time to actually do it and do it right. Also, one must look at their very own schedule....for me at this time , with this pack I have opted for a dry food with added supplementation. I am a distributor for Flint River Ranch, have been for years and while I will try this food with each of my dogs. I have had a dog or two that just did not do well on FRR, so not a problem to find something that they will do better on!
With four dogs, I try to feed the best food that I can afford that lists really good ingredients, and of course purchases its ingredients here in the US...and then makes it own food....tall order but there is indeed several companies that claim the above.

Of course the problem with dry food is one really is at the mercy of these companies that are making our canine friends food. Read your labels...I am not a big fan of by-products and of course cereals
There of course was the wheat scare several years ago....wheat from China. Sigh....most were shocked to learn that American Companies were purchasing wheat from China.
While the above is just one gals opinion....if feeding a dry food...feed what you can your labels and do take the time to learn a little something about the company making your dogs food.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grooming Days...

Today found us out and about throughout the day...the temp. early this morning was about twenty. We waited for it to warm up a bit before heading out. So...plenty to do inside as once a week each dog gets a "pedicure". They get brushed just about on a daily basis, for those with Goldens , or other hairy beasts....I no doubt you do the same.

Skip a day and you will find a few mats in the fur or like me run across the start of a hot spot. Poor Rocky, it happens to be his first. Looking at it it appears to have been a bite....tiny little shark teeth....yep, Bailey. Then Rocky must have worked it a bit. So....shaved the area, cleaned, dried and applied Gold Bond Powder and now just wait for it to clear up.

As I find it soooo much easier to dremel the nails on a weekly basis.....with Bailey, I have been doing him a few times so as he can become accustomed to it. He is not a big fan of his grooming time he will learn to enjoy, or at least not put up such a struggle...poor thing hates his ears being messed with.

In looking at the pup...well he is indeed getting big....however at this stage more long then tall. His play is getting a bit rough with Rocky so I have been really enforcing the rule of tug....throw a toy when they get rough and they will tug 'till the cows come home ;-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pack of Heart Dogs...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little Bird Watching...

Yesterday was so lovely, sunny 40's. Pretty much the dogs and I were in and out either going for walks, training, agility and of course romping and playing....well ok, I do not get to romp but the dogs sure have fun doing so ;-)

Oh and yes indeed....I did get some work done as well as were the dogs groomed. Pedicures and good brushing for all. The puppy has finally gotten used to the dremel and all nails can be "sanded". Excess fur on paws, no problem...any attempt to trim any fur around his ears....oh boy, he does not at all like that at the time...he will learn to just relax!

Our Cardinals are pretty fearless, pretty accustomed to the dogs and will hang out feeding throughout our entire outing, so we get to do a little bird watching as well!

What can I say about the "girls" other then just how cute are they. As my pack is a four pack I will have to include them in my postings once in a while. Not sure how Rocky avoided my camera yesterday....I was bird watching when he and Bailey were wrestling and I did not bring along the camera when we walked. As I am once again coughing and coughing...just having a tough time shaking this.

Although I am not feeling up to par, training went on as usual....sure glad I am not the one having to climb, go through and jump over....whew. That A-Frame is so much easier to go up, then come down for a puppy. Since introducing it to Bailey I must say....he is doing well, although he would so love to jump and hop down. As mentioned in previous posts, the pause table is really one of his favorites...jumping up and sitting or doing a down....he is indeed catching on.

Not really sure just what it is about the Golden pups who have come to live with us....they always have very loose stool....not to mention on just how they can clear a room out for it seems they emit a steady stream of gas. All is well as far as tests....healthy as can be. He is on a low residue diet because it has become a daily thing for him. He is active, happy and never skips a meal...drinks plenty of dehydration.
I no doubt it is one of those things that will just clear up in time....until then ...any one have any gas masks they can loan me?
Monday, January 12, 2009

Tug Time...

Today found me very busy...and I must admit a bit cranky for I had dealings with an extremely rude individual. Funny how at time we allow such nonsense to almost ruin our day. As it was a very sunny day here in the Atlanta area...and I was looking longingly out my window I decided it time to just take a break. The dogs were ready for some fun in the sun time....with tug toy in hand we all went out. We walked around a bit, did a few fetches with the ball and stick. I gave them the tug toy sat and just watched. Amazing on how my mood was transformed into that of a very happy gal.

Sadly...the toy did not make it through this game of one long piece. It lasted almost two whole weeks...while there are other tug toys for them to play with.....this really was their favorite. will just have to be replaced....yes indeed, these manufacture sure know what they are doing ;-)
It seems to me the dogs like the softness and the stretchiness of this toy. If anyone out there know of another toy like this....that would possibly last a little share ;-)

And as the dogs were running out of energy....I noticed the pup find a quiet little space and down he went, out like a light.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daily Walk for R & B...

Daily walks are not only good for us....but also for our beloved furry friends. I find it so relaxing...and the affects it has on the dogs....wonderful. Keeps the pack together, peace and harmony. They so enjoy it....half an hour, to hour of my time every day....of course once the walk is over if weather permitting a little Agility is the icing on the cake. they are a little more relaxed, better ability to focus.

During our walk this afternoon we spied a very large flock of black birds....on every tree, bush. We stopped to take the sight and sounds (they can be pretty loud). As I had the 50 mm on the camera, only shots of the dogs looking in the birds direction as the birds were to far off to get a good shot! The two were so amazed, especially when the birds took off all at once....whish!
Once in the agility yard we started off with the pause table....a favorite to both dogs...Rocky managed a few runs but soon tired and decided it was time to chew a stick. Bailey is so enjoying the pics for I must stay very close and supervise him.....finishing off with the tire. A great afternoon....maybe tomorrow I will make the time to get a little work done ;-)


Driving Lessons...

Today found Bailey and I headed to the vet clinic...nothing serious, just a puppy visit for his second set of shots. Something about a puppy makes most folks want to stop, chat and pet and love on the pup. Show the leash to Bailey and he is ready to go, or settle and nap. The amazing for when puppy get too excited in the house it can be used to quiet them down...and of course keep them out of trouble ;-)

When we headed for the door he adventure. The car is just soooo much fun for him....I am indeed thankful for that for Rocky never did take to it. Now, that does not mean he stays home for he pretty much goes everywhere with me...he would just prefer to stay home.

Once in the car the pup went right into the drivers seat....since it was one of those rare occasions I did not bring my camera along, I set the cell phone to camera. Not the greatest shots, but it was good enough to show what a happy little fella he is.

After our vet visit we went on our very first big outing....the local pet store. A new location...most are not aware it is even open so there were no other dogs in the store. We wandered about.....managed a short training session....but oh my, soo many things to see, sniff and explore. Several children came up to us wanting to pet was indeed a wonderful trip out and about.....oh and as for the Bailey is very food motivated he did even blink an eye as he was way too busy trying to get the treat!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun...

Yes indeed, the sun is shining and the property is drying out.
Wonderful for the dogs to get out and play, romp and just relax taking in all of the sights, sounds and scents.
While I have some work today I have decided there will indeed be many breaks throughout the day.

While we have gone for walks, played in between the is always better when the sun is shining. Time for all of us to get rid of all that excess energy.

 Bailey is growing like a weed...I can almost see it happening. One day he looks thinner, but longer....he is so loving training...going for walks and his most fun thing....playing and romping with Rocky...oh and climbing. We are starting to think he has some mountain Goat in his pedigree ;-)
Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Not so much an adventure, however after days of rain it was great fun to find a dry patch of land and watch the pup and Rocky play. Rocky, who is not known for his gentle ways is just so smitten with Bailey. It is wonderful to watch the relationship....they are becoming such great freinds.
Of course I am there to oversee for puppies can so easily become over stimulated and annoy the older dogs....not at all fair to any of

Pot of Gold ;-)

The Pot of Gold is one of the most lovely things you can grow...
The hardiness is unbelievable for it can grow in all zones....sun, shade....dry soil, will grow anywhere. One does have to feed it the best food....slight pruning every now and again...and of course....this plant thrives when in an environment where there is lots of love, cannot ever lavish too much attention on it.
Please remember to get the seeds from a reputable grower...mine the seeds are a wonderful mixture that have been in the family for generations.... now can you guess what we have been doing....more rainy days here in Atlanta....lots of energy and was had by all, that is until bath time ;-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year...

Yes, the New Year has come and gone....a little late but I hope all had a wonderful Holiday season. As you can see in the image, one more pup added to the pack. Bailey is a three month old Golden that is just too cute for words. He at the moment is a little shark with fur...biting and chewing on everything and anything that moves.

Looking forward to sharing our adventures for 2009.


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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