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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bailey on the Mend...

Yesterday Bailey and I headed to the North side of Atlanta to a more Holistic vet clinic. I so want to get him feeling he is on antibiotics for the bacteria in his stool and urine I thought it best to add a few things. He is off all home cooked foods and now just eating Flint River addition to the meds he is on a couple of Chinese herbs (which will help with the loose stool) as am I adding probiotics in powder form (for infants actually)....will help with the flora in his intestines. Oh and yes in deed, cranberry juice....yummmmmy. There is a capsule form for those that do not like the juice.
He is well on his way to being a healthy pup ....I have postponed his third set of vaccinations....his immune system does not need any thing added to the mix at the moment.
We have resumed his training, and daily play and exercise...while he has been walked daily...and he and Rocky managed to "sneak" a play in...we have taken it slow with him the last few days.

I have a large bag of Large Breed Puppy Wellness dog food, unopened that I would like to donate to one of the local rescue organizations. So, if you belong to one, or know of one in need, let me know.

Oh, and for those that find the music distracting, the player at the bottom of the page allows you to lower the volume, as does it allow you to change the music for your listening pleasure ;-)


Alustryl said...

Any shelter would be happy to take your unused food, but Noah's Ark is a wonderful place that helps animals and children. They always need dog food, for the dogs and the wolves.

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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