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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can your dog do that....

Wow...while it seems I have been slacking off....nope...not at all.

One night well over a week ago...after a restless evening of sleep....finally dozing off when I was suddenly, and unexpectedly awakened by this horrible pain...I mean the moaning and groaning kind of pain....thinking I might have shouted out a little screech....well was more like yelling.

I look down at my calf and it was as if something was alive in calf was a rock hard ball....and was freaking me out.

I watched in horror as my muscle was spasming...and I was not very quiet about it, that is until I glanced over to see several dogs all looking like deer caught in head lights. I toned it down a notch....all the while thinking to myself just what the hell was wrong. Blood clot,?>....then it dawned on me, a charley horse.

Poor dogs....especially Bailey...I scared him and for the remainder of the night he was glued to me. As the week passed I had hoped so too would the pain...but no. I have to be in the small percentage of individuals that will experience problems after the fact.

As I have taken it easy the pack has let me know that they will indeed tolerate a couple days of rest...but that is about it. So....we are back to play, training and just hanging out!

Can your dog do that?
For those interested in strutting their dogs stuff....on facebook page is a section of "This weeks Trick"...create a video of your dog showing off then post a link directly onto the facebook page.. No worries if your dog does not know the weekly trick....Bailey and I demonstrate the how to's.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daddy's Girl...

Little Niki is a sweet little cocker mix that came into our lives years ago....funny how it seems like yesterday. The image above was taken in our yard this morning... a look of determination on her of my favorite expressions.

Her oh so spirited ways, her determination is what saved her all those years ago when she was found in the creek...then a few years back when she injured her spine. Partially did not stop her...barely even slowed her down.

Upon her arrival she cozied up to the Goldens that rescued her...soon after...the rest of us. It was perfectly clear early on she was to be a Daddy's Girl....she simply adores Mike. She adores me...however...just the mention that Mike is on his way and she will wait...listen...and wait... Upon his arrival home she can barely contain herself.

While she is always so very happy to see me...she knows when Mike is around she can do no wrong. Constant hugs, petting fests...non stop.
Spoiled...yes indeed.


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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