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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why can't we be more like our dogs...

Cloudy morning....a good romp and play earlier this morning. We may even get a walk in before the storms rolls in.
A few more days of thunder/ rain in the complaints from me ...the dogs are another story. I have a feeling if they could they would be complaining....allot....oh not about the rain per say , more like why can't we go roll in the red clay and splash through the puddles....oh to have the care free heart of a Golden...what joy and fun can be found just about everywhere you look!!!!
To put it quite simply....Why Can't we be more like our dogs? In thinking about that....I too would love for them to romp and ply in the mud....that is if someone could come in and clean up the mess once they are inside....oh, and a bath will also be needed. Since I am still sporting a splint there will be no fun in the rain...a few more weeks (I hope)...still, I so like the idea of someone else cleaning the mess, and bathing the dogs ;-)
Maybe just one day a week we should all try to be more like our dogs and play, chase butterflies, chew...roll in our favorite scents....greet our favorite people with enthusiasm and happiness !

I have promised training for several weeks now and we will begin this week. I will do my best with each post to add a training tip or will we have commands of the week. So....this posting...
Do your furry friends belong on the furniture???
For training purposes...No.
Please note, that does not mean forever....just that they must earn all desirable things, including freedom.
With that stated if like me, you share your home with the two legged species of the opposite sex that does not pay attention, or even though they know they should not...still invite the pups up on the furniture....well what can you do. Unfair to the dog if you correct making sure all family members are on the same page and doing the same things....this is very important before you start training your dogs. It is indeed a family affair ;-)

Due to the fact in my home not all family members are on the same page....the pups are allowed on the sofa....not my bed. To be honest the reason I do not like them up on my sofa is the fact that it increases how many times I have to clean. I have leather....easy to wipe off, however if you allow your furry friends up you must vacuum the cushions, under the cushion a lot...and I mean a lot, especially if anyone in your household has allergies.
I am not Hazel (no doubt realllly showing my age here....10 point to anyone under 30 knowing who Hazel was??)
With that stated...if your dg is very pushy,
dominant or if ever any signs of aggression have been exhibited...NO, NO...NO!

For those that can manage all family members to be involved in the training....and would prefer your dog not be allowed on furniture the most simple way to teach is to never allow. I mean really, can that not be more simple!!!!
If you see them pop up.....remove them by showing them where they can rest....for those that have a pushy dog, one that has shown aggression please know that your dogs can sport a light weight 10 ft lead attached to their collar (safety: this is done under supervision ONLY)...makes removing the dogs from furniture effortless. Make sure they have a nice comfy bed or two. for naps, chewing. Now....I am smiling for my dogs are pretty well supervised....and when no one can pay attention, or if I am really busy, they are crated. Standard crate rules apply depending on dogs age, any medical conditions, etc. My dogs are never crated more then 4 hours....ever.

For those wanting to train their dogs....a nice 30 to 45 minute walk....daily. Meaning loose leash walking. oh....always bring along a baggie to clean up after your dog...just in case (I am adding this for it always amazes me how many do not clean up after their own dogs).
Daily play: fetch....teach your dog to fetch for it is the best and easiest way to burn off energy.
Mental stimulation....very important....a bored dog can get themselves into a lot of trouble. stuffed kongs, interesting and safe chew toys can help prevent a dog from getting bored.
The command of the week will be Sit...more tomorrow ;-)

Nap Time on
Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

The weather here in the Atlanta area the last few days have been very wet, GA and surrounding states are in much need of these rains....just not all at once ;-)
To say the dogs are a bundle of energy...yes indeed no doubt tomorrows post will be all about running,, play and even more play!!!!!

My little plot of so many in the surrounding states that have suffered from the drought is in much need of attention. Our property runs along a creek...when wet very wet and we battle mold, etc....when dry well lovely red clay. Since in such severe drought you cannot water your lawn, plants... I mean really....water to drink, do laundry, bathe....or to have a lovely pretty lawn and garden????
So dry red clay....when it rains lots of dirt washes away. Leaving a pretty expensive mess to try to correct once the drought ends....if it ends??

So....with great hopes of a bit more rain this season I have ordered a few plants....Hydrangeas.... I love those huge snowball flowers. I could have gotten large sized plants that will look like something more substantial once planted...however I opted for tiny plants for the weather....we really cannot predict if the drought that several of the surrounding southern states has suffered from is really coming to an end. One hates to think of the money wasted if the drought continues. I so want some fresh herbs potted on the patio. I have so missed just stepping outside to cut what I need for cooking.

I will be ordering dirt so that the yard can start to be filled in...again....sadly looking at the large trees that have been coming down here and there will have to be taken down to avoid any of us getting injured.

So....after several days of rain....things are so green....leaves budding on the Lillie's everywhere, will not be long for all the colorful flowers to start blooming....spring has indeed sprung in my neck of the woods.
Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainy Day Blues...

Rainy Day Blues... on

There is a fun site called 12 seconds that I joined and will try to a few times a week upload 12 seconds of video on just what the Goldens are up to. All in a way to help promote our site....may work....maybe we will just have some fun doing it :-)
As it is a very stormy day here in Atlanta inside activities for the dogs consist of chewing on bones....getting some stuffed kong or bone (they lovvvve peanut butter to help preoccupy them). Some training inside....and lots of naps dreaming of when they can once again romp, run and play in the yard :-)
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Striking a pose... | (beta)

Striking a pose... | (beta)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Perfect Day...

As with all of the videos on our blog...if the sites background music is distracting, scroll down and lower the volume in the player box.

A nice long walk, play, romp, chased, fetch a few sticks...chew on a few stcks, run after butterflies * bumble bees, bird watch...sniff everything, anything....yawn * strech......nap.... then do it all over again.
The perfect day !!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Our friend Sammy came to visit for several days. Poor Bailey so wanted to be friends....not this visit. Sammy is a sweet dog, that is unless your another male dog...he he prefers the females. Usually he would have several romps with Gem and Nik...this visit was to be a quiet and short visit.

Lately Sammy has had several health issues that have made all those that love and adore him him take notice. Time is way too short for our furry friend so best to not put that walk off....or maybe just sit under a tree with your furry friend....taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. That is just what Sammy and I did on this lovely spring morning. After a nice walk we relaxed a bit....just watching and waiting. Waiting for Sammy's favorite person to come and bring him home...home to where he is the only male dog ;-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brotherly Love...

Yesterday, a lovely spring day Bailey and I met one of his litter mates...Henry.
As Henry and his person walked up the driveway...Henry spotted Bailey and I.
Since I am the one handed trainer these days...I was doing my best to keep Bailey under control. Sadly, the few weeks without training with distractions is showing, big time. Did I mention just how very excited Bailey was!!! pup that he is....kept his distance. Holly and I exchanged greetings ...I would give Henry a few minutes to get accustomed to his new surroundings before unleashing Bailey, did I mention just how excited he was :-) Just maybe...if I keep mentioning his excitement you will get a much better idea of just what an excited 55 lb, five month old Golden looks like!!
We have planned several play dates and the timing or weather always disrupted our plans. Once friends and family members learned of the play date the same questions had been asked....would they remember each other??
I guess if they had seen each other often, they would. The normal meet and greet....checking to see if they could be freinds, who would be the more dominant. After Henry became accustomed to the new surroundings and the greeting....sniffing...they were both ready to run, chase, bite....roll ...romp.

In having both together...Baily is a little more stocky, one of those low to the ground Goldens...Henry a little will be fun to watch both mature into adult dogs. Henry seemed so much more laid back then Bailey...and those eyes....yep I bet he gets away with all of those annoying puppy look with those eyes and you just melt!!!
Other then that both were very sweet, funny....goofy. Henry is a bit more agile and boy....pretty darn fast...agility dog for sure ;-) Bailey...though not as fast seemed to have a bit more I type that I am smiling for they were both happy, energetic pups.

Handsome Henry was a bit too friendly when it was time to take a few pics....every time I went to bend down....he was gonna come greet me :-) Not to mention the fact they were pretty much a blur....running, jumping, chasing and whizzing by us....or just a jumble of paws and teeth.

Pups need to have the ability to blow off some steam with another dog that is as energetic. I know Bailey would love to have another play date with Henry sometime soon :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

1st Day o Spring...

Whenever I post a video, if the bckground music to the site is annoying please know you can scroll down near the bottom of the page and control the volume.

Today was the first day of Spring ' celebration of Spring, and the lovely weather here in Atlanta the puppies and I spent a good deal of time outside. Since I still am having a tough time with my left hand (tendon problems) there is little I can actually do as it is very painful just to move it let alone do anything with it. I mean really....I could think of no better way to spend the afternoon...just taking in the sight, sounds and smells of spring!
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pet Me, I'm Irish...

O, the red rose may be fair...
And the lily statelier;
But my shamrock, one in three
Takes the very heart of me!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day ;-)
Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon...

Those that share their life with furry friends will so understand this...
When you work from home there are those day when you have to leave the many comforts of a client, photography session or two, errands. Once you return the dogs are so very excited to see you. I know....many of you are smiling for if like my pups, just going to get the mail....the instant you step foot back in the house they are so very happy and excited. Leaving the house for a few hours....well... upon your return they are indeed happy and will stay close...just to be near you. The above video was our outing after I returned from working outside the house yesterday could that not put a smile on your face upon returning home!

As a few of you know....Niki the little red ckr mix was seriously injured a few years back. it always puts a smile on my face to see her....she is partially paralyzed...if you watch closely you will notice her hind legs criss cross a bit. She is the little dog that could for we were told she would never walk again. Boy she and I worked very hard to get her where she is today.

Next week over at Paw Prints Studio it is Celebrate Your Kitty week! Twenty-five dollars off your photography session....for those wanting a Painted Portrait twenty five dollars off your paintings as well. Your appointment must be paid and booked from now to next week....for those using their own images for a painting....get your images and deposits in by next week.

Training with Dee and Bailey....I promise I have NOT forgotten!! Due to inflammation in my left wrist and thumb....along the tendon....very serious inflammation I have postponed this a few days..just a few days. Does not sound too bad....but man move that wrist and the pain gets your full attention.
As mentioned in a previous posting I was using a martingale collar with Bailey....well like any smart pup he realizes my limitations and has started pulling. Since he can add injury on top of the problem I have opted to test drive a few collars....first up was a head harness....nope.....still lots of pulling and I really cannot have that. After a couple of days I introduce a pinch collar....Ta DA. So...for a few weeks during our training session and walks he will be sporting what looks like a mid evil torture device. Please know that any collar misused can cause injury to a dogs neck. It is up to the handler as to just how much pressure to apply....thus not causing any damage. There are several training collars on the market right or wrong just make sure that you know how to properly use the collar in which you decide. Always remember...any collar misused can cause an injury. Above all else, remember it is not the collar in which you use that teaches your is up to both the human and canine to teach each other how to be a team!
If you will be training along with Bailey and I....please do make sure to join the Paw Prints Studio group over on Facebook....not a member yet, easy to join and of course it is free.

You will be able to discuss your training...upload videos of you and your dog training and be part of a group that enjoys walking, their dogs.
Happy Training!!!
Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Blues...

While the majority of folks dislike Monday mornings....I love them. Gone are the weekend warriors that get up so early to do their weekend chores. Gone are the sounds of the lawn mowers, chain saws and dare I say it....screaming children ;-) I can sit and have my cup of tea in total peace and quiet....just the sounds of the birds coming and going at the feeders.

With the much welcomed spring like weather in the Atlanta area this past weekend we found ourselves at one of the local lakes Sunday afternoon. Pretty crowded...lots of children running around, folks out and about walking their dogs. It was Baileys very first time at the lake....yes indeed, a bit too much over stimulation ;-) Neither he or Rocky showed much interest in the ducks....or water. They are indeed Golden Retrievers however they do not seem to have much drive in the retriever department....nor are they water dogs.

The ducks were indeed safe, they did not show much interest with them, however I would imagine if they actually thought they could catch up to one they would give it a go. As this was a public lake, and with Bailey not yet trained they remained on leash!

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Perfect Day for a Picnic...

The warmer temps totally distracted me this afternoon...the dogs as well. Lunch time I had decided to have a picnic in the yard. Made my lunch, grabbed some treats and toys for the dogs and we were off and running....well ok, they were running and I was watching ;-)

After a game of fetch, some agility I was surrounded by some tired pups so grabbed the camera and just photographed what was going on around me. While not the best time of day....the sun was right overhead...a bit harsh....but we cannot control everything and if your in the mood to photograph the world around you...go for it!

If your wondering just what Bailey is doing....grabbing hold of the leaves, that is until he noticed me watching....then he was a good boy and left it alone. Moral....if you do not pay attention they will just about ingest anything, everything ;-)

The Bradbury's are indeed lovely, not sure if it will be a full flowering season for them due to the snow the other day....I noticed they are not as "pungent" as usual....they can be a bit stinky especially if warmer temps....pretty but stinky!

My picnic was lovely and I must admit the dogs and I manged to goof off for several hours...sometime you just have to make time to have a little picnic ;-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Irish for the day...

Irish? No worries if your not, for on St. Patrick's Day we are all Irish for the day!
Drink your morning coffee in style, mugs and tee shirt sold on Zazzle.

The other day the TV was on for background noise...I was in front of the pc while on the phone...doodling. I happened to pick up bits and pieces of the news, and it happened to be about people who doodle tend to absorb more then those who do not. Pretty interesting for I tend to scribble...doodle a bit....the above was the master piece from the other day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time flies...

It really does...the little pup that I picked up from the breeder back in Dec. weighs in at about 50 lbs. Five months old and pretty darn full of himself. My once calm pup when out and about has turned into a demanding little fella. If you even look in his direction, well really you had just better come over and pet....oh and once there expect to be jumped on...oh, last week he also realized he can hit people with his front paws and get attention from them.

If you decide not to come say howdy....yes indeed that will be my pup with the deep "WOOF" demanding....again, that you come say hi. The puppy training that we have been working on....that perfect come....yes, he has figured out there is a world out there and it is so much more exciting then me. Training at this stage is soooo very important for young dogs...keep at it!

Five months old....getting to be a big doubt in my eyes he will be a puppy....always ;-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Train along with Dee, Bailey (& pack)...

Please know you can control the volume to the background music on the blog....scroll down to the bottom of the page, black player box and adjust the volume.

During one of our breaks this afternoon...a little training, agility and fetch, fun and basking in the sun took was indeed had by all!!!

In today's little video you will hear the word OK....this is my release word. When training your need to have a release word to end the command... and it can be anything you want. Due to memory problems ;-) mine is just a simple OK. It means command over and time for a reward. Since all dogs are individuals that reward will be different for each dog. My pack loves toys, play... food and attention from me. You have to know just what motivates your dog...and you must make use of it. Please note that while we are training off leash....on lead training takes place just about on a daily basis. All that is needed is a 6 ft leash, training collar. Mine sport a martingale collar...there are several collars on the market for those dogs that are really pulling. If your dog is food motivated some good tasty treats will be needed...I happen to use a little treat bag that attaches to my pants or belt. Not at all needed and you can just use your pockets, however I have washed treats left in my pocket on more then one occasion, very messy!!!In a few days I will be posting Raising Puppy week one....why not train along with us. This is for dogs of all ages...not just puppies. If your dog is already trained, however you have not worked with them in a while, use this as a refresher course, know you can teach an old dog new tricks ;-)


Nothing in life is free...

Today finds the sun shining brightly...warmer temperatures...a big difference from our snowy Sunday. What to do on a lovely sunny winter day....sadly for the dogs I do have to work for who would keep them in the life style they have become so very accustomed too ;-)

Kidding aside, what they want the most is our, with that said play breaks are scheduled throughout the day. As are training breaks...most importantly commands are implemented into daily life....long downs while I am preparing meals, sitting before being fed, and before being allowed to go outside. Yes, they too have to work for all the things they training we call this Nothing in life is free!!!
If you are lavishing your furry friend with attention just because they are soooo cute....try making them work for it by making them sit first!
A very Simple philosophy and it works.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March comes in like a Lion...

They said we were going to get snow all week...of course we laughed for I have not seen snow in about 10 years or so. North GA gets a snow storm every now and again, we rarely see any...a flurry here and there.
So, when it started, what joy to see....then I realized that not one of the dogs had ever seen snow.
Now, due to the rain the last few days and the warmer temps. it is really not accumulating....rather it is more of a red clay mushy mess. They said 1-2 inches and I actually think it would be the temperature continues to drop, no doubt it will be a mushy icy complaints for it will be short lived.
Not enough to get shots of the dogs romping in the snow....but you can indeed tell that it is actually snowing.
Hope all out on the roads stay safe for Atlanta is just not equipped to handle such weather conditions.


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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