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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

The weather here in the Atlanta area the last few days have been very wet, GA and surrounding states are in much need of these rains....just not all at once ;-)
To say the dogs are a bundle of energy...yes indeed no doubt tomorrows post will be all about running,, play and even more play!!!!!

My little plot of so many in the surrounding states that have suffered from the drought is in much need of attention. Our property runs along a creek...when wet very wet and we battle mold, etc....when dry well lovely red clay. Since in such severe drought you cannot water your lawn, plants... I mean really....water to drink, do laundry, bathe....or to have a lovely pretty lawn and garden????
So dry red clay....when it rains lots of dirt washes away. Leaving a pretty expensive mess to try to correct once the drought ends....if it ends??

So....with great hopes of a bit more rain this season I have ordered a few plants....Hydrangeas.... I love those huge snowball flowers. I could have gotten large sized plants that will look like something more substantial once planted...however I opted for tiny plants for the weather....we really cannot predict if the drought that several of the surrounding southern states has suffered from is really coming to an end. One hates to think of the money wasted if the drought continues. I so want some fresh herbs potted on the patio. I have so missed just stepping outside to cut what I need for cooking.

I will be ordering dirt so that the yard can start to be filled in...again....sadly looking at the large trees that have been coming down here and there will have to be taken down to avoid any of us getting injured.

So....after several days of rain....things are so green....leaves budding on the Lillie's everywhere, will not be long for all the colorful flowers to start blooming....spring has indeed sprung in my neck of the woods.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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