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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy day dog activities...

I am a dog person.
My home has never been without muddy paw prints, fur in unwanted toys, bones scattered about. The expression"My Life has gone to the dogs" is something I can relate to. Spending time with my furry friends is not a chore, but rather something to be enjoyed. Working as a team, learning to share our space with one another, working on Dog Obedience  and just hanging out, playing fetch or just simply taking in the sights sounds...all enjoyable. While I would be the very first one to tell you that I am the "Big Dog" (pack leader) it is give and take for clearly they have me so very well trained as well ;-)

So on this rainy afternoon in Atlanta the leashes and collars are set out and ready to be placed on the dogs, that is of course if there is a break in the rain.
The dogs are ready, willing and able, though if you walked into my home at this moment you would find four dogs napping. Just the slightest movement from me, any hint of a walk or play and you will see four dogs are up and on the move at lightening speed.
Of course, if the weather does not worries. A day of naps, relaxing and a few inside games (try hide n seek....I dare you), toys to chew, a dog or two groomed and life is good.
Content and happy in the moment...
Indeed, words to live by. If we all just sat back for a moment...made the time to spend with furry friends we could learn a thing or two ;-)

Share your rainy day dog activities with us!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We work for food ;-)

I happened to speak with someone this afternoon looking for a new home for their dog. They told me how wonderful the dog much they loved him....I wondered if so wonderful and so loved, why are you looking for a new home. At a year old it would seem the dog was not trained...seems now they could not afford to train the dog now....grooming was another added expense not to mention the vet care.

Yes, the economy has truly effected so many of us....still I wonder rather then looking for a home for the dog, what could be done to keep the dog in his home? Most local libraries have books and possibly a dvd or two on dog training. E bay is another place that I no doubt you could find a great deal on training material.

Grooming...I groom my own dogs and I must admit, I am not a groomer ;-)I call their trim Neat & Clean, we will not be winning any dog shows anytime soon ;-) Again....if needed a clipper for shaving, again, I am sure you can find something on e-bay....or like me hand sissor (again, Niki will not be winning any awards for her fur style. I jsut sissor away....clean and neat.

Also...I will have to look into this....there must be locations in the Atlanta area that offer vaccinations for those that cannot afford it. I know on the north side of Atlanta there is a store that will help those in need with dog food. I mean, rather then just look for a home, look at what can be done to keep the beloved furry friend in his home. I will do a bit of research and post more valid info at a later date.

I will also post little training video' is just to show how easy it is....stay tuned for our training series ;-)

Paws Atlanta : Low cost vaccination clinic.

Spay & Neuter Clinics:
Check with local Humane Societies.
• Project Spay/Neuter – Pet Vet of Cumming:, 770-887-1565.

• Cat Care Hospital in Marietta: 770-424-6369.

• Atlanta Humane Society:, 404-875-6420.

• Fulton County Animal Services: Free spay/neuter certficates for Fulton County residents who can't afford the procedure for their pets., 404-794-0358.

• Casper's Fund: From Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends, Inc.,, 678-318-1886.

• Friends of Animals:

• PAWS Atlanta:, 770-593-1155.

• SpayGeorgia: Metro area., 770-662-4479.

• Humane Society of Cobb County:, 770-428-9882

Pet Food Pantries

Pet Food Bank Information

Help Save Our Pets Food Bank at P.A.L.S.
2115 Liddell Drive NE Atlanta
404-536-8472, 404-876-2200 ext. 314
Donations accepted at:
Fulton County Animal Services
City Dog Market in Brookhaven
Highland Pet Supply in Virginia Highlands
Piedmont Bark
The Atlanta Dog Spa
See more about this story on Channel 2's People 2 People program Sunday, August 3rd at 6:30 a.m.
For more information about pet food help and donation opportunities in your area, here are several links:
Atlanta Area Help

Gwinnett and Douglas County Help

Cobb and Cherokee County Help

Please know the above info was gotten online. The phone numbers/ web sites were not tested. Feel free to add info in the comment section...Thanks!!


Dirty Dogs...

If you take a very close look you will see a pack of dirty dogs, especially the Goldens (look at the puppies spit and red clay...our very first outing was a bit too much fun for the Goldens and they just had to wrestle, roll in the GA red clay. Now, when I had red dogs you would just brush the dirt out of their coats, the lighter Goldens, well they start to get a red hue...and unnatural red hue at that. Depending on our weather for the next few days all will be getting groomed and bathed.

Bailey is indeed growing into his paws...and yes indeed, almost five months old he woke up and has the attention span of a nat ;-) Since I am still recovering from being ill....while all received daily play and training ...after days of not leaving the house we are starting over. For the world out front is once again new to him....the birds, pine cones, soo much to see, sniff, taste....leash training and daily walks and training have the beginning.

Just as all puppies should be....a bit of a brat....notice the toy below with the tag still on it....he just could not wait to have it. Please, do not worry....after showing off to all, he pranced over to me and the tag was removed.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Breath in....

Several weeks ago I wrote about not feeling well....a terrible cough that for weeks just would not go away. After several weeks of spring like weather mixed in with the chilly days of winter....signs of spring were everywhere and I am afraid once again, I was not feeling well.

Yesterday found me pretty miserable....ear ache, headache and that cough....not coughing as much but when I do it was triggering my bronchial tubes to spasm. One day it was so bad that I thought I was going to pass out....not having the ability to get air into your lungs is frightening and you must remain calm.
As I was starting to get light headed I realized I needed to lower myself to the floor before I just passed out and fell to the floor.

There I was.... on the floor...the sounds one makes when air cannot get into the lungs, well I no doubt for those witnessing it...pretty darn scary, I managed to prop myself up against the kitchen cabinets, doing my best to get as much air into my lungs when I realized Rocky was right in front of me....wide eyed....he then proceded to lick my face....annoying indeed, however so very effective for I did not pass out.
During times of "stress" my dogs often get frightened and will keep their distance....he remained there until the attack passed....I hugged him and in that instant had three more dogs surrounding very happy all was well.
We often times do not take the time to acknowledge such acts...I will remember his eyes....very wide eyed....very persistent with getting into my face and sniffing, licking.
In thinking about his training, and that of Baileys I realized I must train both at the onset of any problems to bring me the phone...for what in the other day I could not give the both dogs will be learning a new trick ;-)
Yesterday I did get a brand new inhalant, antibiotics and trying another decongestant with a cough hopefully this time on the road to doubt the dogs will be so very happy for they are missing their long walk, long plays....oh do not feel too bad for them for as the pictures show daily play no matter what is going on!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring is coming...

So many bud and flowers on the Bradbury' seems they are out a little early this year. Spring is coming! Of course with that comes allergies and let me tell you I either once again find myself with a cold....coughing yet again...swollen glands and ear ache, or just the fact that it has been pretty spring like here the last few days.

This week finds Bailey growing a bit more little puppy....however he does have puppy moments when he attempts to climb up in my lap...for that matter Rocky does as well! Gone are the days of sitting in my lap at the PC....I often find him sitting with head in my lap looking up at me....longing to climb up.
He is a sweetie for sure however is so easily over stimulated....and boy he gets excited. While at the vet clinic the other day he barked up a storm, and it was not his cute little "Woofs". Anyone looked in his direction he let them know that they better come say howdy. Pretty darn demanding ;-) We will be working on that!!!

Rocky and Bailey continue to be best, play and more play. They exhausted me just watching! Rocky is pretty easy going and has continued to allow Bailey to win just about every game...still young and no doubt the day will come when Rocky either just allows the pup to be boss, or show Bailey a thing or two!

The Victor...for the moment anyway!

Hmmmm.....tastes like chicken!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photographing your furry friends...

Yesterday I posted a video on how a painting or sketch of your furry can appear on the Paw Prints Studio sit and te facebook site.
This is just a few tips to help your image get chosen.
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dee Will Paint You Pet....

I will be painting your pets ;-) Visit the Paw Prints Studio site on facebook, become a fan and upload an image of your beloved furry friend and each week I'll choose an image and paint a new portrait. It will appear on my Paw Prints Studio site on Facebook and at
Paw Prints Studio on Facebook.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Four Months...

Bailey turned four months old this week. He is indeed growing so very fast. Due to his illness we held off his last set of vaccinations, as is he still on meds. Next week he will receive his last set. I so love watching them grow....he is a fun little puppy....happy...bratty at times and when I write that he adores Rocky...well as I had to separate them due to the fact they play non-stop and can get pretty rough, I placed the puppy in the office with me so that I can work....little bugger must have top toed out and in my search for him, there they are...snuggled up together in my living room.

So...four months is a big deal to a puppy. Watching the other dogs...the two females are sooo tired of his puppy antics and are letting him know that he needs to grow up. Yes, they are revoking hhis puppy license!
Rocky will soon follow, especially because he is so very rough, and getting so very big. Of course he will always be my puppy in my eyes and of course he is not ready to grow up....yet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Release Word...

When sharing your life with dogs, there are certain words, commands that one must take the time to teach. A release word is one of my dogs most favorite words for it means they can move after being placed in a stay or wait command. It also can mean a treat...when photographing them it most definitely means they are rushing forward to get their it a hug, attention...pat or of course a little taste of a tiny tasty morsel. The image taken right before this of course is great for they were paying attention, looking at me and the camera, this one is at the very moment I uttered "OK". i love capturing this moment....their expressions are of course one must be mindful of the camera for you will have a dog or in my case dogs rushing you. Try it....the results are wonderful and so very memorable.

Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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