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Thursday, February 26, 2009

We work for food ;-)

I happened to speak with someone this afternoon looking for a new home for their dog. They told me how wonderful the dog much they loved him....I wondered if so wonderful and so loved, why are you looking for a new home. At a year old it would seem the dog was not trained...seems now they could not afford to train the dog now....grooming was another added expense not to mention the vet care.

Yes, the economy has truly effected so many of us....still I wonder rather then looking for a home for the dog, what could be done to keep the dog in his home? Most local libraries have books and possibly a dvd or two on dog training. E bay is another place that I no doubt you could find a great deal on training material.

Grooming...I groom my own dogs and I must admit, I am not a groomer ;-)I call their trim Neat & Clean, we will not be winning any dog shows anytime soon ;-) Again....if needed a clipper for shaving, again, I am sure you can find something on e-bay....or like me hand sissor (again, Niki will not be winning any awards for her fur style. I jsut sissor away....clean and neat.

Also...I will have to look into this....there must be locations in the Atlanta area that offer vaccinations for those that cannot afford it. I know on the north side of Atlanta there is a store that will help those in need with dog food. I mean, rather then just look for a home, look at what can be done to keep the beloved furry friend in his home. I will do a bit of research and post more valid info at a later date.

I will also post little training video' is just to show how easy it is....stay tuned for our training series ;-)

Paws Atlanta : Low cost vaccination clinic.

Spay & Neuter Clinics:
Check with local Humane Societies.
• Project Spay/Neuter – Pet Vet of Cumming:, 770-887-1565.

• Cat Care Hospital in Marietta: 770-424-6369.

• Atlanta Humane Society:, 404-875-6420.

• Fulton County Animal Services: Free spay/neuter certficates for Fulton County residents who can't afford the procedure for their pets., 404-794-0358.

• Casper's Fund: From Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends, Inc.,, 678-318-1886.

• Friends of Animals:

• PAWS Atlanta:, 770-593-1155.

• SpayGeorgia: Metro area., 770-662-4479.

• Humane Society of Cobb County:, 770-428-9882

Pet Food Pantries

Pet Food Bank Information

Help Save Our Pets Food Bank at P.A.L.S.
2115 Liddell Drive NE Atlanta
404-536-8472, 404-876-2200 ext. 314
Donations accepted at:
Fulton County Animal Services
City Dog Market in Brookhaven
Highland Pet Supply in Virginia Highlands
Piedmont Bark
The Atlanta Dog Spa
See more about this story on Channel 2's People 2 People program Sunday, August 3rd at 6:30 a.m.
For more information about pet food help and donation opportunities in your area, here are several links:
Atlanta Area Help

Gwinnett and Douglas County Help

Cobb and Cherokee County Help

Please know the above info was gotten online. The phone numbers/ web sites were not tested. Feel free to add info in the comment section...Thanks!!



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Gone but Never Forgotten
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