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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Four Months...

Bailey turned four months old this week. He is indeed growing so very fast. Due to his illness we held off his last set of vaccinations, as is he still on meds. Next week he will receive his last set. I so love watching them grow....he is a fun little puppy....happy...bratty at times and when I write that he adores Rocky...well as I had to separate them due to the fact they play non-stop and can get pretty rough, I placed the puppy in the office with me so that I can work....little bugger must have top toed out and in my search for him, there they are...snuggled up together in my living room.

So...four months is a big deal to a puppy. Watching the other dogs...the two females are sooo tired of his puppy antics and are letting him know that he needs to grow up. Yes, they are revoking hhis puppy license!
Rocky will soon follow, especially because he is so very rough, and getting so very big. Of course he will always be my puppy in my eyes and of course he is not ready to grow up....yet.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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