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Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring is coming...

So many bud and flowers on the Bradbury' seems they are out a little early this year. Spring is coming! Of course with that comes allergies and let me tell you I either once again find myself with a cold....coughing yet again...swollen glands and ear ache, or just the fact that it has been pretty spring like here the last few days.

This week finds Bailey growing a bit more little puppy....however he does have puppy moments when he attempts to climb up in my lap...for that matter Rocky does as well! Gone are the days of sitting in my lap at the PC....I often find him sitting with head in my lap looking up at me....longing to climb up.
He is a sweetie for sure however is so easily over stimulated....and boy he gets excited. While at the vet clinic the other day he barked up a storm, and it was not his cute little "Woofs". Anyone looked in his direction he let them know that they better come say howdy. Pretty darn demanding ;-) We will be working on that!!!

Rocky and Bailey continue to be best, play and more play. They exhausted me just watching! Rocky is pretty easy going and has continued to allow Bailey to win just about every game...still young and no doubt the day will come when Rocky either just allows the pup to be boss, or show Bailey a thing or two!

The Victor...for the moment anyway!

Hmmmm.....tastes like chicken!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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