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Saturday, June 27, 2009

There is an elephant sitting on my chest...

As our stay beach side St. Augustine comes to an end we have been busy running around getting ready for closing, setting up deliveries of washer/drier, scheduling the fence company to come give an estimate, alarm company, etc. I have found myself not feeling well....never really a good time to feel ill.

For weeks now I have had a cough that has come and gone....and now with each passing day getting worse. As I woke yesterday it indeed felt as though an elephant was sitting on my chest. As I have so much to do, I decided to take the dogs for their morning walk....very important for them as it is just too hot during the course of the day for any exercise. As soon as I left the house the humid air, heat just drained me. I coughed and coughed...but walked a slower pace.
That elephant was getting heavier and heavier and I was struggling to breath. I allowed the dogs the freedom to pull and if not for them I doubt we would have made it back.

Time to see a Doctor for clearly the daily dose of Zyrtec and my inhalant was not working for me.
Three hours and several prescriptions later I was back at the house....comfy in my jammies resting on the sofa....doctors orders. As the goldens miss me if I leave for a second....they were so very Happy to have me back home. Bailey kept bringing his toys over to me....sigh...each time I moved just set off a coughing episode and I lost my patience and in a mean tone managed an "EeeeeNOUGH" followed by some ramblings and coughing.
Poor thing....he ran into Rockys crate which was already occupied for Rocky had taken a bone and was in there chewing.

Yep, I did feel bad so I waited a few moments and called them both over to me....hugged each and told them to down. We spent the reminder of the afternoon one moving about. When I woke....this is how I found them. Gotta love them ;-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The heat is on...

Is it ever...tomorrow more of the same....they say about 100.
We did our morning walk, numerous potty runs...several times the "girls" asked to go out on the deck....but soon returned into the air conditioned. Just too hot....the type of hot air that just drains you and makes it difficult to breath....very humid.

As the evening approached as promised, I brought Bailey to the beach, only fair for last night was all about the pups turn. We zig zagged along the path until finally the clearing and the beach. Due to the heat there was a lot more people then usual out walking...hoping for a breeze.
While there was a slight breeze it was a warm/ very humid one....everyone was walking along getting their feet wet to cool down.

Bailey cooled off, ran...sniffed...and I mean sniffed everything and anything...cooled off some more...ran and ran...which meant since he was attached to the too did I get a work out.
He is one happy dog....and I am one tired gal ;-)

All images taken with my cell phone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The end of the day...

The temps here in St. Augustine have been on a steady rise the last few days with the weekend forecast of high 90's into the 100's. Even though we are beach side, the weathermen have forecasted little to no beach breeze the next few days.

Of course days like these walks with the dogs take place early morning and evening with quick potty runs in between. This evening I look over to Rocky and smile...I am just not sure the last time he and I spent time together. So...we head out on an adventure in search of a new path to take us to the beach.

It took us a while, having to stop and find the most clear path....zig zagging here and there until finally we made it. We both stopped and just took in the ocean....the waves....the sun disappearing in the sky.

His retractable is 18 ft. so we could run...walk...he is such a happy dog and so loves those special moments when the other dogs are not around. There was no one else is these moment that I find I am the happiest. If you have not taken the time to have an adventure with your children, dog, spouse....make the necessary changes is indeed short and we must make the time to find those precious moments of happiness.

The above image was taken with my cell phone.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Room with a view...

Our stay here at the beach house in St. Augustine will soon be over. We have indeed enjoyed the covered deck. Our room with a view!

Since the temps are up there we manage to get our walk in early in the morning, then again early evening. Poor Bailey, he has a bit of energy and I am sure all the dogs will welcome a good romp in a fenced in area....just a couple more weeks.

Today happened to be grooming day...all received pedicures dremel their nails, trim the fur that grown between their pads and their ears. My poor aching hands....does not take much the cause them to be so painful.

Rocky kept a close eye on all that was going on....just waiting his turn. Gemma wanted to be groomed several times....she likes it that much. She does not require as much grooming as the others....she must indeed realize this for she insists I keep brushing her....I am guessing to get her fair share of the primping and pampering ;-)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Time sure does fly....mid June and here we are still in St. Augustine...found a house and now we just wait. Lots to get done....but for a few days we get to relax and enjoy the sights sounds of the beach.

We will indeed miss the covered deck with the beach view and most of all...the beach breeze.
If all goes well we will just be about five minutes from the water so we will continue to get lots of walks on the beach.

Bailey loves to sit out on the chair and just watch....the others just hang out here and there.
Funny...I am not at all missing Atlanta and dread having to return....but I will have to much to do. I am sure the dogs miss their yard....although they are so very adaptable.

One of the things on my to do list is research the snakes....lots of nasty snakes here. The dogs will have to be taught to avoid first....the time will have to made to teach all four.

So...we are all ready for the changes, so many changes coming our way.

Images taken my Instinct phone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The heat of the day...

During our stay here in St. Augustine on a very hot day you will often find us sitting out on the upper deck over looking the ocean....enjoying the ocean breeze.
We watch the sail boats go by....the joggers, and those out walking their dogs. Many of the homes in the area do not have a a fenced yard so you must walk your dogs.

The majority of folks abide by the lash law... a few do such person is an older man... I am not at all sure of his age but he is indeed up there. Body bent over...walks with a cane and does so at a pretty good pace. Usually a good bit a head of him is an older shaved Golden...taking in all of the scents, marking here and there, at times stopping to wait for his person. Every once in a while there is just too good a scent that must be investigated and the man passes his he passes he bangs his cane to the ground in hopes to get the dogs attention for it is time to move on. The Golden usually resumes walking and soon once again passes his person.

While watching them the other the heat of the day when you would not have caught us out walking I notice
the dog walking at a very slow pace and a good distance behind his person.
To our left is a lovely home with a beautiful, lush green lawn. From the street, you really cannot access the lawn area for there is a block retaining wall...pretty smart for it keeps all those walking dogs off the lawn. On this oh so very hot day....I noticed the Golden stop in front of this house....take a moment to scratch then resume walking, however towards the wall....he then jumped on to the wall ...move forward onto the lush green grass and plopped down and proceeded to roll. You could tell it felt Golden Retriever would then stop, rest and resume rolling around.

The man, who had not yet noticed that his ever faithful companion was no longer following him finally stopped, turned and banged his cane. The dog watched and did nothing, the man again response. The Man starts walking back towards the dogs....pausing here and there to bang the cane....still no response. Once again the man is back in front of the House....grumbling at the dog....the dog lifts his nose into the gentle ocean breeze....looks to the man....then rolls some more. Gets ups....stretches ....looks up at me and the dogs and you could clearly see just how happy he was....once again they resumed their afternoon stroll into heat of the day.

Preventing Heatstroke
Stay in the Shade
Avoid vigorous exercise.
Have fresh water available.
NEVER leave your dog in a car!!!
Please know that certain breeds of dogs....those with pushed in noses are more susceptible....and of course the seniors.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Starting Over...

While traveling around St. Augustine I happened across a lovely three bedroom, three bath house....just felt like home to me. ...
It is indeed a little scary to think about moving....but I am placing all my fears to the side and we are just going to go forward on this. If all goes well we just may be in the new house the beginning of July. Since there are a few legal hurdles that the builder and his lawyers, insurance company are working on, if we are in total agreement with their proposal we will have purchased a new home ;-)
Of course if not, then my search continues for it is time for us to do so.

From the dogs perspective, home is wherever their crates are and I am....
They have made themselves very comfortable here in the little beach house that we are currently staying...not skipped a beat with the new environment. I know they are sooo missing a fenced yard and of course Mike....especically little Nik Nak. Poor Gemma....the neighbors do not live on the beach yaer round but rather visit for a weekend, week. When they are here she seems a little put out by them for they make a bit too much noise...banging...oh and they have a son....her and Niki are just not very fond of children.

Of course we will have to travel back to Atlanta to pack up....say our good byes.
So many changes....
So....starting state, new home, no friends as of yet, in time no less then an hours drive....we are coming home ;-)
Monday, June 8, 2009


For those interested in viewing the lower the sound on the site scroll down and adjust in the music box.

Here we are, still in St. Augustine...
Still enjoying the beach breeze from the deck, our walks on the beach are still the highlight of our days. Though this past week we had to skip the beach for Rocky had a hot spot...ouch. Poor Bailey, while he is not the one suffering from a hot spot his energy level is a bit off the chart. Sadly there is no fenced yard so there has been no off leash play time....he reallllly needs the beach walks and the water which he so loves.
The ocean is very harsh for their coats and skin so you must take the time to rinse and dry. I am hoping we can resume out beach walks in a day or so.

As we must take numerous walks during the course of the day I split the pack up for the majority of these walks, saving two outings for the "pack" adventures.
The "locals" have warmed up to us...even those that are not dog lovers.
During our walks we will often pass a jogger or two, those that enjoy bike riding and of course others just out and about walking their dogs. One woman walks her 17 year old the dog follows the woman and a cat follows the dog. I inquired about the cat the other day and he is just one that has taken up with them. The dog does not at all seem to mind her new furry companion.

We have run into a few unwanted situations early in our stay...
Early one morning during Mikes visit we were taking all four dogs out for their first potty run, and walk of the day. I did not even make it to the street when I noticed a pit bull mix heading in our leash with a woman a distance a way. I shouted out she needed to call her dog....funny how silly some people are and just how very clueless....she did nothing.
The dog was a cute young pup, maybe 6, seven months old...body language very submissive. hands, especially first thing in the morning are very stiff and say I have full control of the two Goldens.....Rocky is verrrry good on leash, though he prefers dogs not come into his space....Bailey is still learning and in this situation I knew I would have little control. Mike had the two females....who were not behaving at all....always the little ones who must puff up and show who is boss.
The woman indeed got a firm verbal correction from me...especially because the dog was a pit bull mix. The dog was sweet and adorable and should be on leash....and of course, trained.
St. Augustine has a leash law and I must add is a very dog friendly place. Situations like this can indeed ruin it for all. Not all dogs are dog friendly on leash.

Another early morning walk, I again had the two Goldens when the woman with the 17 year old dog approached with her dog, and of course the cat following the dog...
I made the Goldens sit and told her to pass us....nope, she had to tell me how beautiful the dogs were.....and continue to come into the dogs space to feel how soft they were....once again Bailey was soooooooo was then he realized I could not control him and I noticed a glint in his eyes...I really struggled to keep control of him. I did my best to explain that I had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and in the mornings it best she ignored us....all on deaf ears. People just do not understand for most of the time the dogs are so well behaved.
I then tried to explain it best she keep her dog at a distance for really....I did not have full control....having watched the "Dog Whisperer" she picked her dog up and placed the dogs butt in my dogs faces...Thank You Cesar ;-) The general public now is an expert on canine behavior....not.
This soooooo excited my dogs, especially Bailey who was now realizing I did not have the strength to control him....again Rocky is very good and responds well to verbal commands and corrections, Bailey....still learning...sadly on this day he learned there are times he can pull me....and strangers reward all unwanted behaviors.
I, in the end managed to barely get control and we returned home for the adventure so pained my hands.
Later in the day Bailey tried to pull me the way he had that morning...nope, not gonna happen.
So...for those that watch the Dog Whisperer....please learn to first ask to approach a dog and always ask permission to pet. If the dog is hyper....wait a few seconds/ minutes for the dog to become calm. Only pet a dog that is calm.

Having been here a little over a when we run into the locals early in the morning I get a howdy and we pass one another...I have even noticed some turning down a street to keep their distance. The afternoon walks are the time most now take the time to chit chat with me.

Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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