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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Making a few changes to the blog....not easy for once you change the template....things move, shift and one must make the time to go through correct...or leave as is and go from here...which is what i will be doing for I am not sure I like....maybe another change or move is in order....check back to see just what we ens up with.
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The child within...

Having turned fifty something I must share with you....getting older sucks ;-)
I mean really....gravity does indeed take hold and it becomes such a struggle to keep things where they belong...or as near where they belong for as long as possible.

That is just the physicality of aging...if one allows the mind to are doomed....
OK, not doomed just not very much fun....boring, you get the picture.
Sadly, so many of us allow our child within to wither and fade away.
Those of us surrounded by children, and or pets have the key to unlocking the child within right at our fingertips.

With children...all I have to say on this matter is turn off the TV, PC and hide all the techno games....head outside to run, climb jump (if like me your over fifty...just not too high)...finger messy and soooo much fun.

Back in the day (always wanted to write that) when I worked with people and their canine companions one of the first things I learned in watching people and their dogs interact is that many did not know how to "play" with their dogs. An attempt at picking up a ball or Frisbee...tossing it and if the dog did not retrieve, the game ended as the human walks away saying s/he just does not like to play. How very sad for the dog, more sad for the human.

I actually taught a group classes all about dog was mandatory. Several individuals (both human and canine) struggled through this four week group course....though I must share with you it was so heart warming to watch those of the most serious, again...both human and canine learn to relax and enjoy one another.

It is scientifically proven that the more of an idiot your canine friends can make you look....the more fun you will both have....really, scientifically proven ;-) As proven by the above video made for this posting. hey guys...I am the camera person and the one hiding for the dogs to find.

OK...these are just a couple of the silly games I play with my dogs...hide n seek. Gemma...loves this game and has so honed her skill at finding matter where I hide....though once in a while she is a bit off.
Niki just seems to tag along with the Goldens as they run back and forth, back and forth. I could hide in the very same spot three times in a row and they much prefer the "hunt" and never seem to want the game to end. When they find me....oh happy day!
One wonders if sometimes they do it more for me for clearly they know exactly where I am.

Down stay as I hide a few treats or toys about the room, or outside. Oh boy....we are having some fun now.....oh, chase and be chased....Niki loves this, especially if I growl at her as I am chasing her.

I remember as though it was beloved Tasha, a bit serious...loved treat games and there was this one silly little thing we did when she was a puppy that she just never out grew...from puppy to senior. I would use a comforter folded up at the front window, this window was low to the ground, so low in fact she would rest her head on the window ledge while napping. I would often sit with her...both of us looking out the window...I would slowly put my hands under the comforter and just wiggle my hands and fingers around....she would get so very excited hitting with her paws, nibbling at my hands still under the blanket...silly little game that she so enjoyed and that made me chuckle each and every time!

Another of our favorites is agility. One does not have to spend any money, just being creative as you put a small course together....outside furniture can be used...chairs for having the dog crawl under, blocks for jumping and or climbing. PVC is found at all local home builders stores...weave poles can be made, jumps, etc.
The best thing about these games, they are interactive. Yes, there are so many toys to help your dog play by themselves, keeping them mentally stimulated, however the games that are interactive are the ones you will find your inner child and your dogs inner pup....and I guarantee there will be lots of tail wagging, and laughter.

Want to share a game you play with your dog, cat, bird, horse? Create a short video, become fans of Rocky & Bailey on Facebook and share it with us, I will post the most fun games here on the blog...the one rule is there must be lots of tail wagging and laughter ;-) On your mark...get set....go!

"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you,but he will make a fool of himself too.
Monday, February 8, 2010

Sooooo Wee...

Imagine my surprise as the pups and I wandered about the yard the other morning when I spied what appeared to be a couple of wild hogs come from the woods onto my property. I quickly wrangled the dogs inside before they happened to notice them.

Of course I grabbed hold of my camera as I let the dogs in. There is a huge bush that I manged to shield myself from them as I was slowly making my way in their direction....I could not believe that I managed to get to the fence and the hogs did not notice me. Now...ever so slowly I came into the open....moving along the fence....taking the photographers stance.

As I watched them I thought to myself they seemed small so must be young. They did not at all seem aware of me, though I think due to the way the wind was blowing a few got a smell of me....not enough to stop/ scare them. It appeared to me that they did not have the ability to see well....or was it that their sense of smell just over rode everything else. I managed a few photographs and they were so close...I calmly and quietly suggested they head on out, as I slowly moved my camera back and forth. All stopped on a dime as they smelled me....all noses twitching....low grunts and snorts....and all at the same time they headed back into the woods.

I have heard much about the wild hogs from few locals...from how dangerous to just how destructive they are.
These hogs were young and I really did not get a sense of danger....though I can very well imagine if a feeling of being trapped, injured by a doubt they can be.
The only thing I will be shooting them with is my camera.

These are the days....

Living with Lupus and RA does indeed have it's daily challenges. It took me a very long time to not be so hard on myself for not getting to all that I would like to accomplish in a day. The interesting thing....I have illusions of grandeur when planing what needs to be done (my inner Superwoman, get it all done). Funny...I do not know of one individual that could get it all done well. I have learned to adapt, change the somewhat flexible.
So, on a day that started where I thought all would actually get changed mid morning.

Walks and then grooming of the pack was first up. All dogs brushed, then I looked at Niki and decided rather then just a brushing she really needed a new "do". Clippers came out and I shaved her down with a seven blade...followed by a now my hands were a bit sore. Knowing her new do would have to wait for another day...she will have to run around looking like a miniature Clydesdale for trimming up to finish has to wait for me to have the ability to hold onto a pair of shears.

Here in N. FL spring is indeed on it's way, though if you were to ask this to some of the long term residents they would share with you just how very cold it has been. On this day where my list changed mid day....the sun shining, a cool breeze in the air I thought it to be a beautiful in which the pack and I spent the afternoon taking in the sites and sounds of our yard, just hanging out.

Yes, these are the days...while it did not go exactly as planned...I could not think of a better way to have spent it!
I wonder...just how many of us are flexible when our plans change? How many of us actually have the ability to take the time that is needed for body, mind and soul. I would think those of us that share our lives with pets learn to just "be"....we have wonderful teachers!
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A life filled with eating bon bons and watching tv...

It is no surprise that the majority of people I know are dog people. I do have a few friends that are really into cats, horses and or birds...and a few that prefer to not spend their time with or on a pet...preferring to do something better with their time then vacuuming up after, caring for etc.
Nothing wrong with any of those choices.

Some would say those that do not have pets are missing out....while I would agree they are indeed missing out on the bonding experience....a good bit of work goes into the basic daily care of sharing ones life with a pet. On a day I am tired...not feeling well there are those times I will think to myself....I would not have to vacuum daily....more time to do what I want....when I want....can leave the house anytime I want....for as long as I want...with no more outings in the middle of the night....even... more money to spend on... "ME" ;-).

These thoughts that I have on occasion are very short lived for I truly cannot imagine my life without a canine friend or two by my side. My life would indeed have less love in it...not to mention just how empty my home would feel.
I am afraid without them my life would be filled with eating bon bons and watching TV.

Yes...sharing ones life with a pet is work....the longer we do it the better we get at it....then my dear friends it is a way of life. Those that do not put the time in working at it will often times complain about the dogs behavior...eliminating on the floor, pulling on leash, destructive behavior and the difficulties in performing basic canine care.

Basic canine husbandry skills...many people do not at all possess these skills. While it matters very little whom you have clip your dogs nails, or express your dogs anal glands, etc....the fact that many would admit that their dog will not allow them to handle them is very telling on that relationship.

These skills are indeed so easy to obtain for it is in the basic daily care....
daily exercise, daily training, daily handling/ grooming (really, I am not suggesting you should clip your dogs nails or express their anal glands) and massage, teaching "settle" and rewarding calm behavior that will truly enhance the love, respect and trust between canine and human.

I much easier to just share your home with your furry Friends then having to do all that work....the rewards will definitely out weight any work put into it....I promise...just ask Rocky and Bailey!!

"My goal in life is to be as good a person my dog already thinks I am ;-)"
Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Gaggle of...

Before opening my eyes earlier this morning I could hear the rain coming down on the roof... pretty steady. My plans to explore downtown St. Augustine were dashed. Bailey was to accompany me for this town is so dog friendly. It is a wonderful way for me to get out to explore, get some great images....scout out some areas of interest to return at another time...always thinking about the light....while at the same time hanging out with my dog and further training and socializing.

That was when I became fully awake, for I heard this strange growling. I knew it was not Rocky....not his growl. One in which I have never me out of bed. It was Bailey....while I have heard him growl in a playful way....this was a bit more serious...not playful. I take a peek out the window....and there all gathered around one another was a gaggle of birds (unidentified....nope, not a bird expert).

Bailey was not liking interest in them just made him puff up more....I told him to down/ stay and I ran to grab my camera. All growling stopped and he seemed very happy to turn it over to me....I was now in charge.

Camera in hand I open the they went...pretty quick I might add....with me in pursuit....while in my mind I was running at a good clip...physically...well I was going as fast as a fifty something female that has rheumatoid arthritis could... We are not known for speed first thing in the morn.

It was then I started giggling for clearly I was being so out run....but not only that, my movement resembled the way in which these birds were moving....just not as quick. So....long lens, rain, photographer running...ever so gracely I might add...I managed one shot....and it is a sad, sad image.

If you can identify the birds, just leave a comment on the right side of the page.
Monday, February 1, 2010

Simple & fresh...

Cooking for One

What's on Dee's plate...

I love BLT sandwich with a cup of tomato soup on the side.
One of those meals I do not make too often...though really one of my favorites. Cooking for one, well one would be so tempted to just open a can of tomato soup....but let me suggest making homemade. Yes, I know the convenience of just opening the can...oh but the taste will indeed have you sold on homemade....I promise.

You would be surprised at just how easy it is to make your own...simple ingredients that most already have on hand. I used canned whole tomatoes, though you can also used crushed and when in season fresh ripe tomatos. I set the oven temp at 450, drain the tomatoes saving the liquid. Place tomatoes on a pan, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper...roast away (make sure you turn your exhaust vent on for this).
Today I just roasted Tomatoes but there are those times when I also roast a green pepper...whatever your personal tastes are.

You will need a small carrot, celery, onion and garlic...diced. Saute in a little olive oil 'til softened.
Add your roasted tomatoes along with the saved tomato juice and diced veggie to a blender (this is when I always think it would be great to have a hand held immersion blender). Add mixture to pot along with a little chicken broth....cook for about fifteen minutes. Mean while cook your bacon, slice your tomato, mix your mayo and avocado together, toast your bread in the oven, then melt the cheese one slice of the bread. Now, add a little cream to the soup...arrange your BLT, pour your soup into a mug and enjoy!!!


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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