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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The child within...

Having turned fifty something I must share with you....getting older sucks ;-)
I mean really....gravity does indeed take hold and it becomes such a struggle to keep things where they belong...or as near where they belong for as long as possible.

That is just the physicality of aging...if one allows the mind to are doomed....
OK, not doomed just not very much fun....boring, you get the picture.
Sadly, so many of us allow our child within to wither and fade away.
Those of us surrounded by children, and or pets have the key to unlocking the child within right at our fingertips.

With children...all I have to say on this matter is turn off the TV, PC and hide all the techno games....head outside to run, climb jump (if like me your over fifty...just not too high)...finger messy and soooo much fun.

Back in the day (always wanted to write that) when I worked with people and their canine companions one of the first things I learned in watching people and their dogs interact is that many did not know how to "play" with their dogs. An attempt at picking up a ball or Frisbee...tossing it and if the dog did not retrieve, the game ended as the human walks away saying s/he just does not like to play. How very sad for the dog, more sad for the human.

I actually taught a group classes all about dog was mandatory. Several individuals (both human and canine) struggled through this four week group course....though I must share with you it was so heart warming to watch those of the most serious, again...both human and canine learn to relax and enjoy one another.

It is scientifically proven that the more of an idiot your canine friends can make you look....the more fun you will both have....really, scientifically proven ;-) As proven by the above video made for this posting. hey guys...I am the camera person and the one hiding for the dogs to find.

OK...these are just a couple of the silly games I play with my dogs...hide n seek. Gemma...loves this game and has so honed her skill at finding matter where I hide....though once in a while she is a bit off.
Niki just seems to tag along with the Goldens as they run back and forth, back and forth. I could hide in the very same spot three times in a row and they much prefer the "hunt" and never seem to want the game to end. When they find me....oh happy day!
One wonders if sometimes they do it more for me for clearly they know exactly where I am.

Down stay as I hide a few treats or toys about the room, or outside. Oh boy....we are having some fun now.....oh, chase and be chased....Niki loves this, especially if I growl at her as I am chasing her.

I remember as though it was beloved Tasha, a bit serious...loved treat games and there was this one silly little thing we did when she was a puppy that she just never out grew...from puppy to senior. I would use a comforter folded up at the front window, this window was low to the ground, so low in fact she would rest her head on the window ledge while napping. I would often sit with her...both of us looking out the window...I would slowly put my hands under the comforter and just wiggle my hands and fingers around....she would get so very excited hitting with her paws, nibbling at my hands still under the blanket...silly little game that she so enjoyed and that made me chuckle each and every time!

Another of our favorites is agility. One does not have to spend any money, just being creative as you put a small course together....outside furniture can be used...chairs for having the dog crawl under, blocks for jumping and or climbing. PVC is found at all local home builders stores...weave poles can be made, jumps, etc.
The best thing about these games, they are interactive. Yes, there are so many toys to help your dog play by themselves, keeping them mentally stimulated, however the games that are interactive are the ones you will find your inner child and your dogs inner pup....and I guarantee there will be lots of tail wagging, and laughter.

Want to share a game you play with your dog, cat, bird, horse? Create a short video, become fans of Rocky & Bailey on Facebook and share it with us, I will post the most fun games here on the blog...the one rule is there must be lots of tail wagging and laughter ;-) On your mark...get set....go!

"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you,but he will make a fool of himself too.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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