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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A life filled with eating bon bons and watching tv...

It is no surprise that the majority of people I know are dog people. I do have a few friends that are really into cats, horses and or birds...and a few that prefer to not spend their time with or on a pet...preferring to do something better with their time then vacuuming up after, caring for etc.
Nothing wrong with any of those choices.

Some would say those that do not have pets are missing out....while I would agree they are indeed missing out on the bonding experience....a good bit of work goes into the basic daily care of sharing ones life with a pet. On a day I am tired...not feeling well there are those times I will think to myself....I would not have to vacuum daily....more time to do what I want....when I want....can leave the house anytime I want....for as long as I want...with no more outings in the middle of the night....even... more money to spend on... "ME" ;-).

These thoughts that I have on occasion are very short lived for I truly cannot imagine my life without a canine friend or two by my side. My life would indeed have less love in it...not to mention just how empty my home would feel.
I am afraid without them my life would be filled with eating bon bons and watching TV.

Yes...sharing ones life with a pet is work....the longer we do it the better we get at it....then my dear friends it is a way of life. Those that do not put the time in working at it will often times complain about the dogs behavior...eliminating on the floor, pulling on leash, destructive behavior and the difficulties in performing basic canine care.

Basic canine husbandry skills...many people do not at all possess these skills. While it matters very little whom you have clip your dogs nails, or express your dogs anal glands, etc....the fact that many would admit that their dog will not allow them to handle them is very telling on that relationship.

These skills are indeed so easy to obtain for it is in the basic daily care....
daily exercise, daily training, daily handling/ grooming (really, I am not suggesting you should clip your dogs nails or express their anal glands) and massage, teaching "settle" and rewarding calm behavior that will truly enhance the love, respect and trust between canine and human.

I much easier to just share your home with your furry Friends then having to do all that work....the rewards will definitely out weight any work put into it....I promise...just ask Rocky and Bailey!!

"My goal in life is to be as good a person my dog already thinks I am ;-)"


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Gone but Never Forgotten
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