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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sooooo Wee...

Imagine my surprise as the pups and I wandered about the yard the other morning when I spied what appeared to be a couple of wild hogs come from the woods onto my property. I quickly wrangled the dogs inside before they happened to notice them.

Of course I grabbed hold of my camera as I let the dogs in. There is a huge bush that I manged to shield myself from them as I was slowly making my way in their direction....I could not believe that I managed to get to the fence and the hogs did not notice me. Now...ever so slowly I came into the open....moving along the fence....taking the photographers stance.

As I watched them I thought to myself they seemed small so must be young. They did not at all seem aware of me, though I think due to the way the wind was blowing a few got a smell of me....not enough to stop/ scare them. It appeared to me that they did not have the ability to see well....or was it that their sense of smell just over rode everything else. I managed a few photographs and they were so close...I calmly and quietly suggested they head on out, as I slowly moved my camera back and forth. All stopped on a dime as they smelled me....all noses twitching....low grunts and snorts....and all at the same time they headed back into the woods.

I have heard much about the wild hogs from few locals...from how dangerous to just how destructive they are.
These hogs were young and I really did not get a sense of danger....though I can very well imagine if a feeling of being trapped, injured by a doubt they can be.
The only thing I will be shooting them with is my camera.


Donna said...

Oh, So sorry I missed that...maybe next time I visit...Great pics Dee, great work~~

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks Donna ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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