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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dee's Lake House...

I signed off a few weeks ago...left the beach house to come to our new home....what I like to call the Lake really is a small pond....pond house just does not have the same ring to it ;-)

The Cable was hooked up yesterday so there is a working phone in the house, Internet access and TV.
I have missed it all but must admit to the fact that life at a slower pace...taking my time...sitting back and enjoying a few books was wonderful. Every so often it is indeed a wonderful idea to shut the phone off...yes that included your cell phone...unplug the ' tv....sit and talk, or have a quiet moment...or like me, read a few books.

During the last couple of weeks We moved our belongings and the dogs belongings into the house. Dogs came into the house and right away made it their own. They are very comfortable here....though I must say it has been a few months without a good off leash run for all and I am sure in a few weeks when the fencing is installed they will indeed be happy pups. I know my hands are looking for a little break, although at night I may just leash one or two up when out for their nightly potty runs.

Our house had been sitting empty for a little over a year so we are currently having things done like taking care of the bug issues....lots of wasp nests outside....spiders, silverfish and earwigs....did I mention spiders. Types of spiders I have never seen before....and some are very large. Lots to get accustomed to.
Workman will be coming and going the next few weeks for there are things that require "fixin," The big thing is the grout to the tiles....either not mixed properly or defective for it is turning to powder and coming up....a mess.

As of yet we have not run into a snake, and I hope we do not, however I know it is ineveritable. The water attracts them as does the sun for they like to sun themselves on the banks and of course on the concrete of driveways and patios.
The "locals" cannot help must be great fun to watch the expression on the faces of those who are not the out doorsy type when they tell the tale of the biggest and baddest rattler they have ever seen....or how very aggressive a water moccasin can be. Yesterday one of the workman mentioned the wild hogs behind my house...i can only hope the wildlife can share their land with us. I will indeed keep my distance (that is what long lenses are for) and I hope they will keep theirs.

I will be back in Atlanta within a month or so to pack up and bring our "stuff" here....getting rid of a lot more stuff. Then returning home for the Holidays and to start our new life in St. many adventures for the Goldens and I to go on. So...starting over a fifty....looking forward to the new people I will be adventures.

Oh....and the volume to the music can be controlled in the music box at the bottom of the page.


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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