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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Evil Balloon...

Most people celebrate their birthday in a, I like to enjoy it for a week or so. Especially this year....50.
So, I have company coming to visit me every day for the next few days and just as any good host should, I had decided to spend the morning cleaning.
I was interrupted by the doorbell...since I do not enjoy cleaning and laundry it is so easy for me to get distracted. 

I smiled at the sight of the Edible Arrangements van sitting in my driveway....yummy. My Friends and family indeed know how to make me happy ;-)

A lovely arrangement of Chocolate covered strawberries...with a Happy Birthday balloon. As I brought it in the house Bailey was not at all liking, rather then allow the poor dog to be frightened of balloons I took the extra time to show him that balloons were not at all evil...I was not in any rush to get back to my chores.
Yes indeed...I munched on a few strawberries, played a little balloon game and we all had some fun.

Sadly....I did return to my chores of cleaning and laundry secretly hoping that Merry Maids would be ringing the doorbell next for after all, I am fifty!!!
So friends and have the entire week to get a maid in here ;-) Oh....and know that you can shut the video musice off, or if wanting to shut off the musoc to the site, the play list is located to the right.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brotherly Love...

I am often asked if it is better to have one dog... two...or more.
Wonderful question, to answer one must take several factors into account. First off, can you afford more then one dog? Second, are you a good pack leader...while I can come up with many question....these are the two most important.

When we brought Rocky home it was because of Phoenix, and to be honest you really just cannot have one Golden. I know....many do...just way more fun to have two. With that said you had better have a wonderful vacuum cleaner for you will need it!

We had no idea that in just a few short months cancer would have taken our much loved Golden...Phoenix. That left Rocky and the two "girls". As Rocky matured I thought it was time to add another to the pack. Poor Rocky did not have a romp and wrestling buddy.

I must say I can not be any more happy with how the relationship has flourished. They adore one another and have so much fun. Now, if you think adding another to the pack will harm the bond between you and your dog...not at all. My dogs follow me everywhere...four dogs doing a happy dance when I come home...or just return from the mail box ;-)

Lifes little surprises...

The flower offered of itself
And eloquently spoke Of Gods
In languages of rainbows
Perfumes and secret silence...
~Phillip Pulfrey

Every day we pass some of the most amazing little surprises that if only we took a moment or two...well I can only imagine the smiles that would be on our faces.

The above image "Stand Tall" was just a walk to my mailbox....I carry my camera with rush for no doubt nothing but bills and junk mail await me.

Back in Atlanta the day lilies bloom most of the summer where as here, it seems they just started blooming a few weeks ago....maybe because they are getting much needed watering a few times a week and of course they were fed when I moved in.

I have so many day lilies and tiger lilies back in Atlanta that come fall some will be cut in half and brought to the home here in FL. While the plants already here are lovely....there is no story, no connection to them for I did not plant them.

Most of the plants in Atlanta were grown by my Mother and Father in law. My father in law dug up, cut and brought to us....lot's of love in those plants and while they belong to the house in Atlanta I have great hopes once sold the new family that take up residence will care for them. Because of the connection to these plants we need to take some of them home with us ;-)

"Passing By"
As I was returning to the house from my daily stroll to collect the mail....I paused near the day lilies and this was the first image taken. Not what I had intended and not the composition I wanted but instead....a nice little surprise of a visitor passing by.

"Boxing Lesson"...

Is just proof that if you have camera in hand those surprise moments in time can indeed be captured. This was not the shot I had wanted, but one in which I look at and smile:-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

A dog and his Adirondack Chair...

During the warm afternoons at the beach house the dogs would lounge on the deck over looking the ocean. The best days were those with a hint of a breeze ruffling their fur. All quiet, lazy and comfy....Niki in her bed and Gemma and Rocky sprawled out on the planking of the deck and Bailey sitting high up in an Adirondack chair.

Passerby's and neighbors would often chuckle at the site of him. I at first thought it to be a one time fluke, but nope, each afternoon all would take their places and Bailey would climb on top of a chair and just sit, enjoying the breeze, taking in the sights, sounds and scents...oh so quiet and still....relaxing.
The amusing thing was that he always choose the very same chair...there were several to choose from.

Last weekend during Mikes visit he purchased an Adirondack Chair...just one. I placed it at the end of the patio facing the pond. Once the fence was up after a good play I stayed out back a little while with them....all found a comfy place in the grass....and there was Bailey...sitting high up, overlooking the yard, pond....taking in the afternoons sights, sounds and scents. Life is good on the still, peaceful afternoon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

GoD And DoG by WJ Francisco


There's a monster under my bed...

"I hear the creaking of a floor board
And the squeak of a distant door
There's something coming down the hallway
But I can't say anymore
I fear that it might hear me
I can barely take a breath
My heart is beating wildly
And I'm scared half to death
I wonder what it could be
A Monster from under the bed
Or maybe it's nothing really
And just a Monster in my head"

If like you you are not fond of little creatures taking up residence in your home the above image will indeed freak you out. Taken a few days ago near Niki's crate.

It started out with one...not a biggie, then another...then another to as of last count a total of six scorpions found...and yes one was found under my bed, not really a monster but like the above children's poem...try going to sleep knowing there crawling under, maybe, just the bed with you!

The good news, they are not poisonous. I did happen to read somewhere that if allergic to bee stings you could have adverse effects, though this is not at all common. The bad news....a sting I am told and I realllly do not want to find out.

So, since a family of scorpions is indeed taking up residence, what to do?? In my research I found there really is nothing you can can of course spray your house, however unless spraying directly on to the scorpion it will not really help. Now, how the heck are they getting in....went around to all entry ways that have little gaps and placed a powder down. I also read that having a black light is very handy for scorpions will light up (glow) under the light. If you have a nest....I read to use your black light and go collecting at night for this is really the only way to get control of a large population around one's home.

Hmmmm, got me to thinking...

Sounds like a great game so the next few weeks I will be inviting several family members and Friends over....feed them....give them a few drinks once I notice that they are a bit.....impaired... send them out into the night with a black light, tweezers and jar....what fun!
Wanna come for dinner ???

The below clips are just some yard time this afternoon....the pups are loving the fenced yard and my poor hands and wrists are getting a much needed break...enjoy ;-)


I am the face of Lupus...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living your life for your pets???

During a phone conversation with a dear friend yesterday we got onto the topic of travel....
It is no secret to my family and friends...I have a terrible fear of flying. I used to have the ability to force myself to get on a plane....but then one day I just could no longer muster the strength.
I cannot explain the is more of a feeling of being boxed in, closed in...tight, claustrophobic.
As there are a few places I would love to travel...well at 50ish this is something that I will soon have to seriously work on...but that is a topic for another day.

I guess I am a bit of a homebody. I prefer to be surrounded by my family, friends....which of course consists of my four dogs.
As my friend and I discussed travel she was telling me of her planned trips the next few months. While I can stand and often enjoy several days without my dogs....I truly miss them if any more then that.
For those that do travel if you are fortunate enough to have found someone to care for your furry friends you are indeed so lucky.
My crew, well just not an easy pack to care for. The Goldens....piece of cake...feed, hug, pet... throw the ball and take for a walk....easy. the "Girls", well not so easy. Niki is indeed a have to make sure her bladder is empty (by manually squeezing her bladder....not as bad as it sounds). Since Gemma. is very fearful...well I would indeed need someone that was very dog savvy.

As our conversation progressed I questioned any concerns she might have about the care of her pets when she was gone. It was not meant to be taken as judgement, just a question for it was mentioned the one cat was indeed so very attached and during my friends absence behavioral issues occur that require time and patience once she returns from her trips.
As my friend was doing quite a bit of travel, with more planned I really was just wondering...
the reply was she could not live for her pets, especially this one cat.

I smiled for I knew my question was taken worries we are indeed good friends and have known each other a lonnng time. I stated that I did indeed live my life for my dogs....with four one has to make sure there is enough money for medical care....well really....they are accustomed to a certain lifestyle ;-) The installment of the fence was for them to safely have freedom...yes, I would say I live for my pets...for my two legged friends and family...and of course just for me ;-)

I often plan my vacations so that they include my furry friends. When Niki was first injured we did have a choice....and it was an easy one to make. I was full aware of the care that she would need for however long she lived....we could put her to sleep...or surgery and lots of care for many years to come. I love her, my husband adores was easy... I have no regrets...I do however get tried.....I am human and there have been times I lost my patience....I do have days where I so wish I were a better, more patient individual...pray for a Calgon moment (I age is showing).
This is one of life's many little secret gifts...she (Niki little cky mix) is teaching me and maybe, maybe before I die I will get it!

So...yes...I live for many things...and my dogs are indeed a part of that....what about you, do you live for your furry Friends?
One of My favorite quotes"
Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't fence me in...

That is unless your one of my dogs.
After four long months of daily leash walks, potty runs....finally the fence was installed.
The guys worked on the fence until about 6 today....then packed up and left. I walked around picking up after them, then, even though not yet complete let the dogs out two at a time. It really does not take much to make them happy....a walk, a belly scrtach....give them some room to run, romp and throw a tennis that is happiness...another good day ;-)
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pooper Scooper...

Our count down until the fence is installed is less then a week away. My poor hands can use a bit of a rest. Nike and Bailey's bladders must be the size of a pea ;-) For our outings throughout the day are many!
Their daily walks on leash will continue for it is a wonderful way for the pack to spend time together, and great exercise for all of us..especially me. I can paint, draw for hours often getting lost so they make me pay a little more attention rather then getting lost in the moment.
Yes, even though so hot and humid here in FL we still manage our daily walks. they say you get used to the humidity, I have been here a few months and so far when outside I appear to to melt....funny how I seem to be the only one.

The past few months have indeed been challenging in that the two goldens just have not been getting enough exercise. Having the fence will allow them to pick up speed without having me at the end of the leash correcting them. Off leash romps are so needed. Walks are wonderful but a few crazy eights sprinted throughout the yard, a good game of fetch and of course some agility no doubt will be such a wonderful release for them.
Once my hands get a little bit of a break.....and I am so hoping that improvements will be made and the pain and discomfort lessens.

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a few errands...since moving into the House on my list of needed items has been a pooper scooper. I pick up after the dogs after each and every BM...just so easy to do it that way....I have been holding at times up to four retractable while attempting to bend and scoop with a plastic baggie. A couple of nights ago I made the mistake of falling asleep....around 2 am I awoke on the sofa realizing the dogs needed to do their final outing. Hook all up and out we after the other they pee, poop...I reach into my pocket for the baggie....yawning, sleepy and tired, bad hands, I did not realize there was a hole in the end of the bag until I felt the warmth...well you get the picture.

With that fresh in my memory I did indeed remember to stop at the local pet shop to find they only had one type...yes, for those not in the know....there are several types of pooper scoopers. this model comes in two parts. The first part is long handled and you actually wrap a bio degradable baggie at the end, the other is also long handled and you use that to scoop the poop into the end with the baggie. Looked easy enough....that is until I got it home and stood there for what seemed like an eternity trying to attach the plastic baggie. My arthritic hands just took forever to get it....I was actually laughing at myself for I no doubt if someone was watching me rather then thinking something wrong with my hands....I think they would be under the impression I were a bit slow ;-) Indeed....that as well!

Last night, just as the sun was going down the boys and I left the house for our walk around the neighborhood. I reached out for my camera and realized...while I did indeed charge the battery, I also vacuumed and needed that out lit. Maybe it is age, or me being preoccupied, I never did re- plug the the battery charger in. thank goodness for our cell a pinch they do a great job.

It was one of those evenings when there actually seems to be a bit of a breeze...very refreshing. After our walk we just hung outside the house. Watched a few birds at the lake, scanned the water for any alligators :-) Life at the moment is good!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chocoholics Anonymous...

August 2008: is true. After all of these years I finally have the ability to admit that I am a Chocoholic.
My first meeting is this evening....wouldn't you know, first thing this morning the doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there in front of me was this large box marked GODIVA Chocolatier.....
I was shocked!
I wonder how they learned about the meeting....they must be watching me...
I grabbed the box very quickly and slammed the door shut. Ran to all of the windows and closed all of the blinds. I opened the box about two hours ago and my stomach is is so bloated and the pain is unbelievable. I must get rid of all of the evidence....I first tore the boxes in tiny what to do with the was tough, but I managed to eat all of it...
I am too ill to attend the meeting this evening, maybe I'll make the next one.

August 2009:
I no longer attend any of the Chocoholic meetings...I knew one day I just may regret my decision.While personally, I do not ever think you can be "cured" I do believe the need, want and desire to have chocolates lessens with each passing day. I was almost leading a normal life in that I could actually open my blinds... leave my house, shop and visit friends and family homes without any fear of having an "episode" where I would do anything to get to a piece of chocolate. Hell, I would knock my own mother down to get just a sniff, taste of it!
I am so embarrassed to share that, but I know that for a fact for I
actually did it. Yes, I know the cravings and feeling of desperation all too well.

I almost made it...I was well on my way....that is until today...
Damn Godiva!
I am not at all sure how they learned of my progress, but they would do anything in their power to have me fall off the wagon...
At 1: 12 pm this afternoon, Wed. 8-5-09 there was a knock at the front door. I had this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach as I approached my front door and peeked out and saw the UPS truck in my driveway....the driver... was laughing hysterically while watching me...the hair on my neck and arms stood up as thoutgh electricity was surging through my body. As I opened the front door before looking down I noticed I was already salivating....I knew, I just knew... before actually seeing the box stamped with Godiva Choclatier....

So now....once again my house is dark, all windows and doors are locked....
the only evidence is the stickiness of my keyboard from my tummy hurts for I have eaten all have I devoured every last morsel of the powdered hot chocolate....and still I crave more...god help me.

Thank You Donna...for the early Birthday is yummy!!!
Godiva makes the best Biscuits and Hot Chocolate :-)


Gator sighting...

Once locals learn that you will soon be a permanent resident of FL they cannot help but share the many tales of the local
wildlife....especially about the snakes and alligators. Of course the stories do have merit, just a few weeks ago one guy woke up and decided to do some gardening. He headed to the Walmart located off of US 1 to purchase some plants and supplies. He wandered around putting Items Into his cart, just as he was reaching for a plant....tucked behind the plant he was reaching for was a pygmy rattler and sadly for the man, he Indeed was bitten.

I listen to most of the stories and smile for I just may never encounter any of the poisonous snakes....however being surrounded by water....chances that the dogs and I actually run I\into something....well the odds that we do increase due to the fact we are surrounded by water.

When walking my neighborhood we pass a section that is very woodsy and has a sign that says "Natural Preserves"....meaning swamp land ;) As of yet the only creatures I have seen come out of this area is very large birds. It is not bad enough being told about the gators and snakes I have been told there are wild hogs, not seen any of those either....and would prefer not to for they can be very aggressive. I am not a national geographic photographer and while I love to photograph nature...getting that close and personal I can do without...this Is the reason I purchased a long lens ;-)

There are times when just taking the dogs for a quick pee has been challenging for they will spy, sense, smell something in the woods and appear frightened...more often then not I respect their senses...sometimes though, they are a little off...

Since moving Into the house, once night falls Rocky makes several trips to the door next to my studio, he growls, and growls. This has become a nightly activity....the first, second and sometimes third time he does this all the dogs take part by rushing the door, hackles up...barking ready to defend Rocky, territory, After a while, they do not bother, though Rocky continues to guard, scare away something only he sees.

The first few nights that this behavior first appeared I would put the outside lights on, look out to see what the fuss was about...never noticed anything. I have a sneaking suspicion he Is actually growling at his own reflection ;-)
Yesterday I finally got around to hanging something to cover the glass in the door...stays open during the day for I love the light coming through, however once dusk, I close it....worked like a charm for while he went to the door a couple of times he returned without a sound.

When we leave the house, before walking off the patio I do my best to survey If anything is in the grass....survey the woods out back....see nothing we all leave the covered patio where we risk getting bitten up by a horrible...sneaky and nasty critter, the mosquito. Some day's they are not a bother, other days they are
terrible....just like It was when we stayed at the beach house.

Bailey loves to roll around in the grass and every time he does this....even though before coming back inside I run my hands through his coat....attached to him Is usually a little lizard. That keeps me busy for I then must around trying to catch and release back In the yard.
On occasion a frog will also find his way inside....the tree frogs like to suction themselves on anything that does not move....especially the glass....around all windows and doors, lots of frog and lizard poop...even on the glass...frog art!

Two weeks ago...a lovely Sunday afternoon I took Niki out for a stroll around the yard...she got to play touch and kick ball...just as we were headed back to the patio I stopped for I thought I saw something in
the water. Now, I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and inflammation can effect your vision, and it has In my case. Adding to the problem is the fact as we age we have a difficult time vision at times is very blurry even with my glasses. so...on this lovely sunny, summer afternoon I was pretty certain I was watching an alligator lazily floating in the pond. I watched for a while and then retreated back in the house with Niki, got my camera and returned to watch and
photograph. get an estimate of size for I was told once they reach a certain length they can be moved elsewhere....of course while I have no fear in being a lizard and frog wrangler....I would call a professional for the gator ;-)

As I watched it appeared to sink down into the water a bit, to soon emerge enough to get a few photographs. I tracked him for a good part
of the afternoon....just snapping away certain that I got some awesome shots ;-)

Imagine my surprise when I got around to putting the card into the card reader on the Mac to see a log that through my eyes, on that sunny, summer afternoon oh so appeared to be an alligator, though it does closely resemble an alligator...don't you agree ;-)

Bad vision and over active imagination made for a pretty exciting day!


Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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