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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pooper Scooper...

Our count down until the fence is installed is less then a week away. My poor hands can use a bit of a rest. Nike and Bailey's bladders must be the size of a pea ;-) For our outings throughout the day are many!
Their daily walks on leash will continue for it is a wonderful way for the pack to spend time together, and great exercise for all of us..especially me. I can paint, draw for hours often getting lost so they make me pay a little more attention rather then getting lost in the moment.
Yes, even though so hot and humid here in FL we still manage our daily walks. they say you get used to the humidity, I have been here a few months and so far when outside I appear to to melt....funny how I seem to be the only one.

The past few months have indeed been challenging in that the two goldens just have not been getting enough exercise. Having the fence will allow them to pick up speed without having me at the end of the leash correcting them. Off leash romps are so needed. Walks are wonderful but a few crazy eights sprinted throughout the yard, a good game of fetch and of course some agility no doubt will be such a wonderful release for them.
Once my hands get a little bit of a break.....and I am so hoping that improvements will be made and the pain and discomfort lessens.

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a few errands...since moving into the House on my list of needed items has been a pooper scooper. I pick up after the dogs after each and every BM...just so easy to do it that way....I have been holding at times up to four retractable while attempting to bend and scoop with a plastic baggie. A couple of nights ago I made the mistake of falling asleep....around 2 am I awoke on the sofa realizing the dogs needed to do their final outing. Hook all up and out we after the other they pee, poop...I reach into my pocket for the baggie....yawning, sleepy and tired, bad hands, I did not realize there was a hole in the end of the bag until I felt the warmth...well you get the picture.

With that fresh in my memory I did indeed remember to stop at the local pet shop to find they only had one type...yes, for those not in the know....there are several types of pooper scoopers. this model comes in two parts. The first part is long handled and you actually wrap a bio degradable baggie at the end, the other is also long handled and you use that to scoop the poop into the end with the baggie. Looked easy enough....that is until I got it home and stood there for what seemed like an eternity trying to attach the plastic baggie. My arthritic hands just took forever to get it....I was actually laughing at myself for I no doubt if someone was watching me rather then thinking something wrong with my hands....I think they would be under the impression I were a bit slow ;-) Indeed....that as well!

Last night, just as the sun was going down the boys and I left the house for our walk around the neighborhood. I reached out for my camera and realized...while I did indeed charge the battery, I also vacuumed and needed that out lit. Maybe it is age, or me being preoccupied, I never did re- plug the the battery charger in. thank goodness for our cell a pinch they do a great job.

It was one of those evenings when there actually seems to be a bit of a breeze...very refreshing. After our walk we just hung outside the house. Watched a few birds at the lake, scanned the water for any alligators :-) Life at the moment is good!!!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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