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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living your life for your pets???

During a phone conversation with a dear friend yesterday we got onto the topic of travel....
It is no secret to my family and friends...I have a terrible fear of flying. I used to have the ability to force myself to get on a plane....but then one day I just could no longer muster the strength.
I cannot explain the is more of a feeling of being boxed in, closed in...tight, claustrophobic.
As there are a few places I would love to travel...well at 50ish this is something that I will soon have to seriously work on...but that is a topic for another day.

I guess I am a bit of a homebody. I prefer to be surrounded by my family, friends....which of course consists of my four dogs.
As my friend and I discussed travel she was telling me of her planned trips the next few months. While I can stand and often enjoy several days without my dogs....I truly miss them if any more then that.
For those that do travel if you are fortunate enough to have found someone to care for your furry friends you are indeed so lucky.
My crew, well just not an easy pack to care for. The Goldens....piece of cake...feed, hug, pet... throw the ball and take for a walk....easy. the "Girls", well not so easy. Niki is indeed a have to make sure her bladder is empty (by manually squeezing her bladder....not as bad as it sounds). Since Gemma. is very fearful...well I would indeed need someone that was very dog savvy.

As our conversation progressed I questioned any concerns she might have about the care of her pets when she was gone. It was not meant to be taken as judgement, just a question for it was mentioned the one cat was indeed so very attached and during my friends absence behavioral issues occur that require time and patience once she returns from her trips.
As my friend was doing quite a bit of travel, with more planned I really was just wondering...
the reply was she could not live for her pets, especially this one cat.

I smiled for I knew my question was taken worries we are indeed good friends and have known each other a lonnng time. I stated that I did indeed live my life for my dogs....with four one has to make sure there is enough money for medical care....well really....they are accustomed to a certain lifestyle ;-) The installment of the fence was for them to safely have freedom...yes, I would say I live for my pets...for my two legged friends and family...and of course just for me ;-)

I often plan my vacations so that they include my furry friends. When Niki was first injured we did have a choice....and it was an easy one to make. I was full aware of the care that she would need for however long she lived....we could put her to sleep...or surgery and lots of care for many years to come. I love her, my husband adores was easy... I have no regrets...I do however get tried.....I am human and there have been times I lost my patience....I do have days where I so wish I were a better, more patient individual...pray for a Calgon moment (I age is showing).
This is one of life's many little secret gifts...she (Niki little cky mix) is teaching me and maybe, maybe before I die I will get it!

So...yes...I live for many things...and my dogs are indeed a part of that....what about you, do you live for your furry Friends?
One of My favorite quotes"
Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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