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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chocoholics Anonymous...

August 2008: is true. After all of these years I finally have the ability to admit that I am a Chocoholic.
My first meeting is this evening....wouldn't you know, first thing this morning the doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there in front of me was this large box marked GODIVA Chocolatier.....
I was shocked!
I wonder how they learned about the meeting....they must be watching me...
I grabbed the box very quickly and slammed the door shut. Ran to all of the windows and closed all of the blinds. I opened the box about two hours ago and my stomach is is so bloated and the pain is unbelievable. I must get rid of all of the evidence....I first tore the boxes in tiny what to do with the was tough, but I managed to eat all of it...
I am too ill to attend the meeting this evening, maybe I'll make the next one.

August 2009:
I no longer attend any of the Chocoholic meetings...I knew one day I just may regret my decision.While personally, I do not ever think you can be "cured" I do believe the need, want and desire to have chocolates lessens with each passing day. I was almost leading a normal life in that I could actually open my blinds... leave my house, shop and visit friends and family homes without any fear of having an "episode" where I would do anything to get to a piece of chocolate. Hell, I would knock my own mother down to get just a sniff, taste of it!
I am so embarrassed to share that, but I know that for a fact for I
actually did it. Yes, I know the cravings and feeling of desperation all too well.

I almost made it...I was well on my way....that is until today...
Damn Godiva!
I am not at all sure how they learned of my progress, but they would do anything in their power to have me fall off the wagon...
At 1: 12 pm this afternoon, Wed. 8-5-09 there was a knock at the front door. I had this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach as I approached my front door and peeked out and saw the UPS truck in my driveway....the driver... was laughing hysterically while watching me...the hair on my neck and arms stood up as thoutgh electricity was surging through my body. As I opened the front door before looking down I noticed I was already salivating....I knew, I just knew... before actually seeing the box stamped with Godiva Choclatier....

So now....once again my house is dark, all windows and doors are locked....
the only evidence is the stickiness of my keyboard from my tummy hurts for I have eaten all have I devoured every last morsel of the powdered hot chocolate....and still I crave more...god help me.

Thank You Donna...for the early Birthday is yummy!!!
Godiva makes the best Biscuits and Hot Chocolate :-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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