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Friday, August 21, 2009

There's a monster under my bed...

"I hear the creaking of a floor board
And the squeak of a distant door
There's something coming down the hallway
But I can't say anymore
I fear that it might hear me
I can barely take a breath
My heart is beating wildly
And I'm scared half to death
I wonder what it could be
A Monster from under the bed
Or maybe it's nothing really
And just a Monster in my head"

If like you you are not fond of little creatures taking up residence in your home the above image will indeed freak you out. Taken a few days ago near Niki's crate.

It started out with one...not a biggie, then another...then another to as of last count a total of six scorpions found...and yes one was found under my bed, not really a monster but like the above children's poem...try going to sleep knowing there crawling under, maybe, just the bed with you!

The good news, they are not poisonous. I did happen to read somewhere that if allergic to bee stings you could have adverse effects, though this is not at all common. The bad news....a sting I am told and I realllly do not want to find out.

So, since a family of scorpions is indeed taking up residence, what to do?? In my research I found there really is nothing you can can of course spray your house, however unless spraying directly on to the scorpion it will not really help. Now, how the heck are they getting in....went around to all entry ways that have little gaps and placed a powder down. I also read that having a black light is very handy for scorpions will light up (glow) under the light. If you have a nest....I read to use your black light and go collecting at night for this is really the only way to get control of a large population around one's home.

Hmmmm, got me to thinking...

Sounds like a great game so the next few weeks I will be inviting several family members and Friends over....feed them....give them a few drinks once I notice that they are a bit.....impaired... send them out into the night with a black light, tweezers and jar....what fun!
Wanna come for dinner ???

The below clips are just some yard time this afternoon....the pups are loving the fenced yard and my poor hands and wrists are getting a much needed break...enjoy ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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