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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Gaggle of...

Before opening my eyes earlier this morning I could hear the rain coming down on the roof... pretty steady. My plans to explore downtown St. Augustine were dashed. Bailey was to accompany me for this town is so dog friendly. It is a wonderful way for me to get out to explore, get some great images....scout out some areas of interest to return at another time...always thinking about the light....while at the same time hanging out with my dog and further training and socializing.

That was when I became fully awake, for I heard this strange growling. I knew it was not Rocky....not his growl. One in which I have never me out of bed. It was Bailey....while I have heard him growl in a playful way....this was a bit more serious...not playful. I take a peek out the window....and there all gathered around one another was a gaggle of birds (unidentified....nope, not a bird expert).

Bailey was not liking interest in them just made him puff up more....I told him to down/ stay and I ran to grab my camera. All growling stopped and he seemed very happy to turn it over to me....I was now in charge.

Camera in hand I open the they went...pretty quick I might add....with me in pursuit....while in my mind I was running at a good clip...physically...well I was going as fast as a fifty something female that has rheumatoid arthritis could... We are not known for speed first thing in the morn.

It was then I started giggling for clearly I was being so out run....but not only that, my movement resembled the way in which these birds were moving....just not as quick. So....long lens, rain, photographer running...ever so gracely I might add...I managed one shot....and it is a sad, sad image.

If you can identify the birds, just leave a comment on the right side of the page.


the road less traveled... said...

It was suggested on facebook that the birds looked like wild turkeys...a rafter of turkeys?
Any other suggestions?

donna said...

Nah,they look like turkeys to me.....i think

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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