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Monday, June 8, 2009


For those interested in viewing the lower the sound on the site scroll down and adjust in the music box.

Here we are, still in St. Augustine...
Still enjoying the beach breeze from the deck, our walks on the beach are still the highlight of our days. Though this past week we had to skip the beach for Rocky had a hot spot...ouch. Poor Bailey, while he is not the one suffering from a hot spot his energy level is a bit off the chart. Sadly there is no fenced yard so there has been no off leash play time....he reallllly needs the beach walks and the water which he so loves.
The ocean is very harsh for their coats and skin so you must take the time to rinse and dry. I am hoping we can resume out beach walks in a day or so.

As we must take numerous walks during the course of the day I split the pack up for the majority of these walks, saving two outings for the "pack" adventures.
The "locals" have warmed up to us...even those that are not dog lovers.
During our walks we will often pass a jogger or two, those that enjoy bike riding and of course others just out and about walking their dogs. One woman walks her 17 year old the dog follows the woman and a cat follows the dog. I inquired about the cat the other day and he is just one that has taken up with them. The dog does not at all seem to mind her new furry companion.

We have run into a few unwanted situations early in our stay...
Early one morning during Mikes visit we were taking all four dogs out for their first potty run, and walk of the day. I did not even make it to the street when I noticed a pit bull mix heading in our leash with a woman a distance a way. I shouted out she needed to call her dog....funny how silly some people are and just how very clueless....she did nothing.
The dog was a cute young pup, maybe 6, seven months old...body language very submissive. hands, especially first thing in the morning are very stiff and say I have full control of the two Goldens.....Rocky is verrrry good on leash, though he prefers dogs not come into his space....Bailey is still learning and in this situation I knew I would have little control. Mike had the two females....who were not behaving at all....always the little ones who must puff up and show who is boss.
The woman indeed got a firm verbal correction from me...especially because the dog was a pit bull mix. The dog was sweet and adorable and should be on leash....and of course, trained.
St. Augustine has a leash law and I must add is a very dog friendly place. Situations like this can indeed ruin it for all. Not all dogs are dog friendly on leash.

Another early morning walk, I again had the two Goldens when the woman with the 17 year old dog approached with her dog, and of course the cat following the dog...
I made the Goldens sit and told her to pass us....nope, she had to tell me how beautiful the dogs were.....and continue to come into the dogs space to feel how soft they were....once again Bailey was soooooooo was then he realized I could not control him and I noticed a glint in his eyes...I really struggled to keep control of him. I did my best to explain that I had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and in the mornings it best she ignored us....all on deaf ears. People just do not understand for most of the time the dogs are so well behaved.
I then tried to explain it best she keep her dog at a distance for really....I did not have full control....having watched the "Dog Whisperer" she picked her dog up and placed the dogs butt in my dogs faces...Thank You Cesar ;-) The general public now is an expert on canine behavior....not.
This soooooo excited my dogs, especially Bailey who was now realizing I did not have the strength to control him....again Rocky is very good and responds well to verbal commands and corrections, Bailey....still learning...sadly on this day he learned there are times he can pull me....and strangers reward all unwanted behaviors.
I, in the end managed to barely get control and we returned home for the adventure so pained my hands.
Later in the day Bailey tried to pull me the way he had that morning...nope, not gonna happen.
So...for those that watch the Dog Whisperer....please learn to first ask to approach a dog and always ask permission to pet. If the dog is hyper....wait a few seconds/ minutes for the dog to become calm. Only pet a dog that is calm.

Having been here a little over a when we run into the locals early in the morning I get a howdy and we pass one another...I have even noticed some turning down a street to keep their distance. The afternoon walks are the time most now take the time to chit chat with me.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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