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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Starting Over...

While traveling around St. Augustine I happened across a lovely three bedroom, three bath house....just felt like home to me. ...
It is indeed a little scary to think about moving....but I am placing all my fears to the side and we are just going to go forward on this. If all goes well we just may be in the new house the beginning of July. Since there are a few legal hurdles that the builder and his lawyers, insurance company are working on, if we are in total agreement with their proposal we will have purchased a new home ;-)
Of course if not, then my search continues for it is time for us to do so.

From the dogs perspective, home is wherever their crates are and I am....
They have made themselves very comfortable here in the little beach house that we are currently staying...not skipped a beat with the new environment. I know they are sooo missing a fenced yard and of course Mike....especically little Nik Nak. Poor Gemma....the neighbors do not live on the beach yaer round but rather visit for a weekend, week. When they are here she seems a little put out by them for they make a bit too much noise...banging...oh and they have a son....her and Niki are just not very fond of children.

Of course we will have to travel back to Atlanta to pack up....say our good byes.
So many changes....
So....starting state, new home, no friends as of yet, in time no less then an hours drive....we are coming home ;-)


Alustryl said...

Wow. It's a big change to move. I think the hardest for me has been the distance of my good, long time friends and trying to make new friends in a completely new town. Glad you'll have family close, though. The pups, well, they adapt so much better than we humans. My eldest grew up and lived her first 4 years in the same house with family surrounding us. Then to a new town, an apartment with no fence to play, new lives, then to a new house less than a year later complete with a new human (husband), two new doggie siblings, and a whole set of new rules. She's been the most remarkable adapter of us all. Good luck with the new house and the new place.

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks April.
Yes, it is so much more difficult on us...the dogs....they adapt so easily.

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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