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Saturday, June 27, 2009

There is an elephant sitting on my chest...

As our stay beach side St. Augustine comes to an end we have been busy running around getting ready for closing, setting up deliveries of washer/drier, scheduling the fence company to come give an estimate, alarm company, etc. I have found myself not feeling well....never really a good time to feel ill.

For weeks now I have had a cough that has come and gone....and now with each passing day getting worse. As I woke yesterday it indeed felt as though an elephant was sitting on my chest. As I have so much to do, I decided to take the dogs for their morning walk....very important for them as it is just too hot during the course of the day for any exercise. As soon as I left the house the humid air, heat just drained me. I coughed and coughed...but walked a slower pace.
That elephant was getting heavier and heavier and I was struggling to breath. I allowed the dogs the freedom to pull and if not for them I doubt we would have made it back.

Time to see a Doctor for clearly the daily dose of Zyrtec and my inhalant was not working for me.
Three hours and several prescriptions later I was back at the house....comfy in my jammies resting on the sofa....doctors orders. As the goldens miss me if I leave for a second....they were so very Happy to have me back home. Bailey kept bringing his toys over to me....sigh...each time I moved just set off a coughing episode and I lost my patience and in a mean tone managed an "EeeeeNOUGH" followed by some ramblings and coughing.
Poor thing....he ran into Rockys crate which was already occupied for Rocky had taken a bone and was in there chewing.

Yep, I did feel bad so I waited a few moments and called them both over to me....hugged each and told them to down. We spent the reminder of the afternoon one moving about. When I woke....this is how I found them. Gotta love them ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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