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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy day dog activities...

I am a dog person.
My home has never been without muddy paw prints, fur in unwanted toys, bones scattered about. The expression"My Life has gone to the dogs" is something I can relate to. Spending time with my furry friends is not a chore, but rather something to be enjoyed. Working as a team, learning to share our space with one another, working on Dog Obedience  and just hanging out, playing fetch or just simply taking in the sights sounds...all enjoyable. While I would be the very first one to tell you that I am the "Big Dog" (pack leader) it is give and take for clearly they have me so very well trained as well ;-)

So on this rainy afternoon in Atlanta the leashes and collars are set out and ready to be placed on the dogs, that is of course if there is a break in the rain.
The dogs are ready, willing and able, though if you walked into my home at this moment you would find four dogs napping. Just the slightest movement from me, any hint of a walk or play and you will see four dogs are up and on the move at lightening speed.
Of course, if the weather does not worries. A day of naps, relaxing and a few inside games (try hide n seek....I dare you), toys to chew, a dog or two groomed and life is good.
Content and happy in the moment...
Indeed, words to live by. If we all just sat back for a moment...made the time to spend with furry friends we could learn a thing or two ;-)

Share your rainy day dog activities with us!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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