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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dirty Dogs...

If you take a very close look you will see a pack of dirty dogs, especially the Goldens (look at the puppies spit and red clay...our very first outing was a bit too much fun for the Goldens and they just had to wrestle, roll in the GA red clay. Now, when I had red dogs you would just brush the dirt out of their coats, the lighter Goldens, well they start to get a red hue...and unnatural red hue at that. Depending on our weather for the next few days all will be getting groomed and bathed.

Bailey is indeed growing into his paws...and yes indeed, almost five months old he woke up and has the attention span of a nat ;-) Since I am still recovering from being ill....while all received daily play and training ...after days of not leaving the house we are starting over. For the world out front is once again new to him....the birds, pine cones, soo much to see, sniff, taste....leash training and daily walks and training have the beginning.

Just as all puppies should be....a bit of a brat....notice the toy below with the tag still on it....he just could not wait to have it. Please, do not worry....after showing off to all, he pranced over to me and the tag was removed.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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