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Friday, February 20, 2009

Breath in....

Several weeks ago I wrote about not feeling well....a terrible cough that for weeks just would not go away. After several weeks of spring like weather mixed in with the chilly days of winter....signs of spring were everywhere and I am afraid once again, I was not feeling well.

Yesterday found me pretty miserable....ear ache, headache and that cough....not coughing as much but when I do it was triggering my bronchial tubes to spasm. One day it was so bad that I thought I was going to pass out....not having the ability to get air into your lungs is frightening and you must remain calm.
As I was starting to get light headed I realized I needed to lower myself to the floor before I just passed out and fell to the floor.

There I was.... on the floor...the sounds one makes when air cannot get into the lungs, well I no doubt for those witnessing it...pretty darn scary, I managed to prop myself up against the kitchen cabinets, doing my best to get as much air into my lungs when I realized Rocky was right in front of me....wide eyed....he then proceded to lick my face....annoying indeed, however so very effective for I did not pass out.
During times of "stress" my dogs often get frightened and will keep their distance....he remained there until the attack passed....I hugged him and in that instant had three more dogs surrounding very happy all was well.
We often times do not take the time to acknowledge such acts...I will remember his eyes....very wide eyed....very persistent with getting into my face and sniffing, licking.
In thinking about his training, and that of Baileys I realized I must train both at the onset of any problems to bring me the phone...for what in the other day I could not give the both dogs will be learning a new trick ;-)
Yesterday I did get a brand new inhalant, antibiotics and trying another decongestant with a cough hopefully this time on the road to doubt the dogs will be so very happy for they are missing their long walk, long plays....oh do not feel too bad for them for as the pictures show daily play no matter what is going on!!!




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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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