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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon...

Those that share their life with furry friends will so understand this...
When you work from home there are those day when you have to leave the many comforts of a client, photography session or two, errands. Once you return the dogs are so very excited to see you. I know....many of you are smiling for if like my pups, just going to get the mail....the instant you step foot back in the house they are so very happy and excited. Leaving the house for a few hours....well... upon your return they are indeed happy and will stay close...just to be near you. The above video was our outing after I returned from working outside the house yesterday could that not put a smile on your face upon returning home!

As a few of you know....Niki the little red ckr mix was seriously injured a few years back. it always puts a smile on my face to see her....she is partially paralyzed...if you watch closely you will notice her hind legs criss cross a bit. She is the little dog that could for we were told she would never walk again. Boy she and I worked very hard to get her where she is today.

Next week over at Paw Prints Studio it is Celebrate Your Kitty week! Twenty-five dollars off your photography session....for those wanting a Painted Portrait twenty five dollars off your paintings as well. Your appointment must be paid and booked from now to next week....for those using their own images for a painting....get your images and deposits in by next week.

Training with Dee and Bailey....I promise I have NOT forgotten!! Due to inflammation in my left wrist and thumb....along the tendon....very serious inflammation I have postponed this a few days..just a few days. Does not sound too bad....but man move that wrist and the pain gets your full attention.
As mentioned in a previous posting I was using a martingale collar with Bailey....well like any smart pup he realizes my limitations and has started pulling. Since he can add injury on top of the problem I have opted to test drive a few collars....first up was a head harness....nope.....still lots of pulling and I really cannot have that. After a couple of days I introduce a pinch collar....Ta DA. So...for a few weeks during our training session and walks he will be sporting what looks like a mid evil torture device. Please know that any collar misused can cause injury to a dogs neck. It is up to the handler as to just how much pressure to apply....thus not causing any damage. There are several training collars on the market right or wrong just make sure that you know how to properly use the collar in which you decide. Always remember...any collar misused can cause an injury. Above all else, remember it is not the collar in which you use that teaches your is up to both the human and canine to teach each other how to be a team!
If you will be training along with Bailey and I....please do make sure to join the Paw Prints Studio group over on Facebook....not a member yet, easy to join and of course it is free.

You will be able to discuss your training...upload videos of you and your dog training and be part of a group that enjoys walking, their dogs.
Happy Training!!!


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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