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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Train along with Dee, Bailey (& pack)...

Please know you can control the volume to the background music on the blog....scroll down to the bottom of the page, black player box and adjust the volume.

During one of our breaks this afternoon...a little training, agility and fetch, fun and basking in the sun took was indeed had by all!!!

In today's little video you will hear the word OK....this is my release word. When training your need to have a release word to end the command... and it can be anything you want. Due to memory problems ;-) mine is just a simple OK. It means command over and time for a reward. Since all dogs are individuals that reward will be different for each dog. My pack loves toys, play... food and attention from me. You have to know just what motivates your dog...and you must make use of it. Please note that while we are training off leash....on lead training takes place just about on a daily basis. All that is needed is a 6 ft leash, training collar. Mine sport a martingale collar...there are several collars on the market for those dogs that are really pulling. If your dog is food motivated some good tasty treats will be needed...I happen to use a little treat bag that attaches to my pants or belt. Not at all needed and you can just use your pockets, however I have washed treats left in my pocket on more then one occasion, very messy!!!In a few days I will be posting Raising Puppy week one....why not train along with us. This is for dogs of all ages...not just puppies. If your dog is already trained, however you have not worked with them in a while, use this as a refresher course, know you can teach an old dog new tricks ;-)



Alustryl said...

Dee, I am in awe. How in the world did you get a 5 month old puppy to this young for such good behavior. Please, please share your knowledge with us!

the road less traveled... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the road less traveled... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the road less traveled... said...

LOL....well notice there were no distractions ;-)
Just like any five month old pup...adda few and he does not no his own name.
Training starts next week....and yes....I will be showing how to introduce distractions.

Annette said...

oh I forgot about these so glad I found it again. Not that it was lost. Love the fur babies. hugs

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Gone but Never Forgotten
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