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Friday, March 6, 2009

A Perfect Day for a Picnic...

The warmer temps totally distracted me this afternoon...the dogs as well. Lunch time I had decided to have a picnic in the yard. Made my lunch, grabbed some treats and toys for the dogs and we were off and running....well ok, they were running and I was watching ;-)

After a game of fetch, some agility I was surrounded by some tired pups so grabbed the camera and just photographed what was going on around me. While not the best time of day....the sun was right overhead...a bit harsh....but we cannot control everything and if your in the mood to photograph the world around you...go for it!

If your wondering just what Bailey is doing....grabbing hold of the leaves, that is until he noticed me watching....then he was a good boy and left it alone. Moral....if you do not pay attention they will just about ingest anything, everything ;-)

The Bradbury's are indeed lovely, not sure if it will be a full flowering season for them due to the snow the other day....I noticed they are not as "pungent" as usual....they can be a bit stinky especially if warmer temps....pretty but stinky!

My picnic was lovely and I must admit the dogs and I manged to goof off for several hours...sometime you just have to make time to have a little picnic ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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