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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why can't we be more like our dogs...

Cloudy morning....a good romp and play earlier this morning. We may even get a walk in before the storms rolls in.
A few more days of thunder/ rain in the complaints from me ...the dogs are another story. I have a feeling if they could they would be complaining....allot....oh not about the rain per say , more like why can't we go roll in the red clay and splash through the puddles....oh to have the care free heart of a Golden...what joy and fun can be found just about everywhere you look!!!!
To put it quite simply....Why Can't we be more like our dogs? In thinking about that....I too would love for them to romp and ply in the mud....that is if someone could come in and clean up the mess once they are inside....oh, and a bath will also be needed. Since I am still sporting a splint there will be no fun in the rain...a few more weeks (I hope)...still, I so like the idea of someone else cleaning the mess, and bathing the dogs ;-)
Maybe just one day a week we should all try to be more like our dogs and play, chase butterflies, chew...roll in our favorite scents....greet our favorite people with enthusiasm and happiness !

I have promised training for several weeks now and we will begin this week. I will do my best with each post to add a training tip or will we have commands of the week. So....this posting...
Do your furry friends belong on the furniture???
For training purposes...No.
Please note, that does not mean forever....just that they must earn all desirable things, including freedom.
With that stated if like me, you share your home with the two legged species of the opposite sex that does not pay attention, or even though they know they should not...still invite the pups up on the furniture....well what can you do. Unfair to the dog if you correct making sure all family members are on the same page and doing the same things....this is very important before you start training your dogs. It is indeed a family affair ;-)

Due to the fact in my home not all family members are on the same page....the pups are allowed on the sofa....not my bed. To be honest the reason I do not like them up on my sofa is the fact that it increases how many times I have to clean. I have leather....easy to wipe off, however if you allow your furry friends up you must vacuum the cushions, under the cushion a lot...and I mean a lot, especially if anyone in your household has allergies.
I am not Hazel (no doubt realllly showing my age here....10 point to anyone under 30 knowing who Hazel was??)
With that stated...if your dg is very pushy,
dominant or if ever any signs of aggression have been exhibited...NO, NO...NO!

For those that can manage all family members to be involved in the training....and would prefer your dog not be allowed on furniture the most simple way to teach is to never allow. I mean really, can that not be more simple!!!!
If you see them pop up.....remove them by showing them where they can rest....for those that have a pushy dog, one that has shown aggression please know that your dogs can sport a light weight 10 ft lead attached to their collar (safety: this is done under supervision ONLY)...makes removing the dogs from furniture effortless. Make sure they have a nice comfy bed or two. for naps, chewing. Now....I am smiling for my dogs are pretty well supervised....and when no one can pay attention, or if I am really busy, they are crated. Standard crate rules apply depending on dogs age, any medical conditions, etc. My dogs are never crated more then 4 hours....ever.

For those wanting to train their dogs....a nice 30 to 45 minute walk....daily. Meaning loose leash walking. oh....always bring along a baggie to clean up after your dog...just in case (I am adding this for it always amazes me how many do not clean up after their own dogs).
Daily play: fetch....teach your dog to fetch for it is the best and easiest way to burn off energy.
Mental stimulation....very important....a bored dog can get themselves into a lot of trouble. stuffed kongs, interesting and safe chew toys can help prevent a dog from getting bored.
The command of the week will be Sit...more tomorrow ;-)

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Alustryl said...

My Lilly DID play in the mud. Dig, dig, dig. Luckily, dirt falls off of her after it dries. Love that husky coat.

the road less traveled... said...

The rain was not that bad and I am happy to type...yes we did manage a play or two.

Glad your Lily managed a play or two as well!!!

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Gone but Never Forgotten
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