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Monday, January 12, 2009

Tug Time...

Today found me very busy...and I must admit a bit cranky for I had dealings with an extremely rude individual. Funny how at time we allow such nonsense to almost ruin our day. As it was a very sunny day here in the Atlanta area...and I was looking longingly out my window I decided it time to just take a break. The dogs were ready for some fun in the sun time....with tug toy in hand we all went out. We walked around a bit, did a few fetches with the ball and stick. I gave them the tug toy sat and just watched. Amazing on how my mood was transformed into that of a very happy gal.

Sadly...the toy did not make it through this game of one long piece. It lasted almost two whole weeks...while there are other tug toys for them to play with.....this really was their favorite. will just have to be replaced....yes indeed, these manufacture sure know what they are doing ;-)
It seems to me the dogs like the softness and the stretchiness of this toy. If anyone out there know of another toy like this....that would possibly last a little share ;-)

And as the dogs were running out of energy....I noticed the pup find a quiet little space and down he went, out like a light.



Sammy's mom said...

Dee - I absolutely LOVE this site and the way that you have it set up. It is sooooooo easy to manuver around and get to see ALL the pics of the kids. I do so enjoy the commentary that you write so elequently-make you feel like you are right there with you and the children. Thanks for all the work and all the great photos! It is definately enjoyed. I also forward it to some of my friends as they enjoy it as much as I do and they know all about you and the kids. Keep up the great work!
Sammy's mom

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks Sammy's Mom ;-)
Give Sammy a belly scratch from me!

Marilyn Sholin said...

This is soooo sweet! I love the story and the photos and how they are playing together. And the falling asleep right there on the spot is too puppy cute. Love to them all.

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks for visiting Marilyn ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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