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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Driving Lessons...

Today found Bailey and I headed to the vet clinic...nothing serious, just a puppy visit for his second set of shots. Something about a puppy makes most folks want to stop, chat and pet and love on the pup. Show the leash to Bailey and he is ready to go, or settle and nap. The amazing for when puppy get too excited in the house it can be used to quiet them down...and of course keep them out of trouble ;-)

When we headed for the door he adventure. The car is just soooo much fun for him....I am indeed thankful for that for Rocky never did take to it. Now, that does not mean he stays home for he pretty much goes everywhere with me...he would just prefer to stay home.

Once in the car the pup went right into the drivers seat....since it was one of those rare occasions I did not bring my camera along, I set the cell phone to camera. Not the greatest shots, but it was good enough to show what a happy little fella he is.

After our vet visit we went on our very first big outing....the local pet store. A new location...most are not aware it is even open so there were no other dogs in the store. We wandered about.....managed a short training session....but oh my, soo many things to see, sniff and explore. Several children came up to us wanting to pet was indeed a wonderful trip out and about.....oh and as for the Bailey is very food motivated he did even blink an eye as he was way too busy trying to get the treat!



Argi said...

Just stopping by to say hi!
Love dogs

the road less traveled... said...

Thanks for stopping by Argi ;-)

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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