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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What do you feed your dog....

One of the questions I am asked when out and about with my dogs is "What do you feed them"?
Bring this up around dog enthusiasts and you will get soooo many suggestions and opinions on just what is the best food to feed your canine friend. Today's posting is just my opinion on dog food....there is no right or wrong as to what food you choose to feed your dog .
In all the years and with all of the dogs that have been in my pack I can share with you I have yet to find the perfect food....meaning it all depends on your dogs individuals needs. I have over the years had a dog or two that required a special diet due to allergies or digestive issues (ibs).
Veterinarian clinics are very quick to recommend a prescription diet if and when your dogs becomes ill...big $$ in Dog Food and the clinics would be crazy to not sell these, but do know they do so for the extra money it brings into the clinic. Yes...I know....I am very sure that often times it is so very beneficial...still, In reading the ingredients listings on many of these bags....well really not the best ingredients. I usually try to find something of better quality, especially if the dog is ill.

When Mikey the Golden was diagnosed with Liver disease at the age of five, he was given about six months to live. I found a book written by a veterinarian that took the research from all of the companies that make prescription foods. They have done so much research on feeding cats and dogs, they fall short in putting the final product together as far as the the ingredients they add.. One of the suggested recipes for liver disorders was a cottage cheese and rice diet (cottage cheese is so very easily absorbed. and does not over work an already damaged liver)...of course supplements were added to make it balanced and complete. We were very fortunate that not only did he eat it, but so too did he like it. Now of course we would add a little something like a treat at the bottom of the bowl....I always thought he gobbled it up just to get the treat ;-)
We also decided, since his time with us was to be short, not to do any more vaccinations....Mikey lived 5 1/2 years more....good, happy years. I do attribute that to his diet, care given.

Of course....if your dog is ill, and your vet suggests a food short term....nothing wrong with giving it a try, if something long term, you just may want to do a little research.
I have cooked, I have tried raw....again whatever the dog as an individual requires. The best way to feed your my opinion is by cooking their food. While I no doubt those that feed raw would beg to differ, I have yet to have a dog where raw was the cure all that it so claims to be. Please note, I am not knocking it as I have seen so many dogs flourish on it. To feed a cooked or raw food one must make the time to do the research, and then the time to actually do it and do it right. Also, one must look at their very own schedule....for me at this time , with this pack I have opted for a dry food with added supplementation. I am a distributor for Flint River Ranch, have been for years and while I will try this food with each of my dogs. I have had a dog or two that just did not do well on FRR, so not a problem to find something that they will do better on!
With four dogs, I try to feed the best food that I can afford that lists really good ingredients, and of course purchases its ingredients here in the US...and then makes it own food....tall order but there is indeed several companies that claim the above.

Of course the problem with dry food is one really is at the mercy of these companies that are making our canine friends food. Read your labels...I am not a big fan of by-products and of course cereals
There of course was the wheat scare several years ago....wheat from China. Sigh....most were shocked to learn that American Companies were purchasing wheat from China.
While the above is just one gals opinion....if feeding a dry food...feed what you can your labels and do take the time to learn a little something about the company making your dogs food.



Mirkawolf said...

Have you heard of Orijen? It´s Canadian dry food, it has 70% of meat (chicken, turkey, fish) and 30% of fruits, veggies and herbs. No rice, no maize, no grains. :)

the road less traveled... said...

Yes...I have heard of it and looked at it when one of the local stores started selling it.
It indeed looked like a great food, a bit too high protein for a couple of my dogs.

the road less traveled... said...

Hmmmm....I did not at all want anyone to think after my response that there is something wrong with a high protien grain.....nope, really looked like a great food!!!!

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Gone but Never Forgotten
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