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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daily Walk for R & B...

Daily walks are not only good for us....but also for our beloved furry friends. I find it so relaxing...and the affects it has on the dogs....wonderful. Keeps the pack together, peace and harmony. They so enjoy it....half an hour, to hour of my time every day....of course once the walk is over if weather permitting a little Agility is the icing on the cake. they are a little more relaxed, better ability to focus.

During our walk this afternoon we spied a very large flock of black birds....on every tree, bush. We stopped to take the sight and sounds (they can be pretty loud). As I had the 50 mm on the camera, only shots of the dogs looking in the birds direction as the birds were to far off to get a good shot! The two were so amazed, especially when the birds took off all at once....whish!
Once in the agility yard we started off with the pause table....a favorite to both dogs...Rocky managed a few runs but soon tired and decided it was time to chew a stick. Bailey is so enjoying the pics for I must stay very close and supervise him.....finishing off with the tire. A great afternoon....maybe tomorrow I will make the time to get a little work done ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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