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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick Puppy....

Poor Bailey!
Since joining our pack he has had on and off again loose stool....very gassy. He has been no worse for wear from it, happy, playful. It has been something we have kept a close eye on....several trips to the vet clinic and all tests have been negative.
 I have adjusted and readjusted his diet and have found nothing that seems to agree with his system. Yesterday his behavior was a bit off....he has been doing so well with his house training...after feeding him lunch I opened his crate door and out he came, as I was reaching in for his dish he entered Gemma's crate and urinated. hmmmm....then I started thinking....earlier I had found a little urine spot on one of the doggie beds. I did not think anything about it for when you have a dog that is partially paralyzed, well we are so good at preventing her from having accidents by way of getting her out a lot throughout the day. She does have accidents that are in no way her I thought it was her. So now....hmmmmm are the accidents due to him not feeling well....or possible UTI?

As the day progressed his BM's became softer and softer.  decided to half his ration of dinner. About an hour later he vomited...and he vomited allot which tells me he did not digest his lunch. he did vomit a couple more time until his stomach was empty. I made sure he was getting water with a bit of pedialyte added to it.
This morning finds Bailey a bit more perky and so far he has kept his water down...and as I type he is looking up at me wondering why oh why I am starving him to death for I have opted to with hold breakfast. He is attempting to eat anything, everything so when out for walk he is leashed . I have a whole chicken simmering in a pot, sweet potato baking in the oven and some rice. ...lunch will be bland and just maybe he will even share with me. 
If he vomits his lunch we are off to the vet clinic, same with any accidents in the house to have his urine checked out.

The above image was taken earlier this morning....Rocky was sound a sleep in his crate when Bailey got up, climbed over....and just made himself comfy cozy for a snuggle.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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