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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grooming Days...

Today found us out and about throughout the day...the temp. early this morning was about twenty. We waited for it to warm up a bit before heading out. So...plenty to do inside as once a week each dog gets a "pedicure". They get brushed just about on a daily basis, for those with Goldens , or other hairy beasts....I no doubt you do the same.

Skip a day and you will find a few mats in the fur or like me run across the start of a hot spot. Poor Rocky, it happens to be his first. Looking at it it appears to have been a bite....tiny little shark teeth....yep, Bailey. Then Rocky must have worked it a bit. So....shaved the area, cleaned, dried and applied Gold Bond Powder and now just wait for it to clear up.

As I find it soooo much easier to dremel the nails on a weekly basis.....with Bailey, I have been doing him a few times so as he can become accustomed to it. He is not a big fan of his grooming time he will learn to enjoy, or at least not put up such a struggle...poor thing hates his ears being messed with.

In looking at the pup...well he is indeed getting big....however at this stage more long then tall. His play is getting a bit rough with Rocky so I have been really enforcing the rule of tug....throw a toy when they get rough and they will tug 'till the cows come home ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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