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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little Bird Watching...

Yesterday was so lovely, sunny 40's. Pretty much the dogs and I were in and out either going for walks, training, agility and of course romping and playing....well ok, I do not get to romp but the dogs sure have fun doing so ;-)

Oh and yes indeed....I did get some work done as well as were the dogs groomed. Pedicures and good brushing for all. The puppy has finally gotten used to the dremel and all nails can be "sanded". Excess fur on paws, no problem...any attempt to trim any fur around his ears....oh boy, he does not at all like that at the time...he will learn to just relax!

Our Cardinals are pretty fearless, pretty accustomed to the dogs and will hang out feeding throughout our entire outing, so we get to do a little bird watching as well!

What can I say about the "girls" other then just how cute are they. As my pack is a four pack I will have to include them in my postings once in a while. Not sure how Rocky avoided my camera yesterday....I was bird watching when he and Bailey were wrestling and I did not bring along the camera when we walked. As I am once again coughing and coughing...just having a tough time shaking this.

Although I am not feeling up to par, training went on as usual....sure glad I am not the one having to climb, go through and jump over....whew. That A-Frame is so much easier to go up, then come down for a puppy. Since introducing it to Bailey I must say....he is doing well, although he would so love to jump and hop down. As mentioned in previous posts, the pause table is really one of his favorites...jumping up and sitting or doing a down....he is indeed catching on.

Not really sure just what it is about the Golden pups who have come to live with us....they always have very loose stool....not to mention on just how they can clear a room out for it seems they emit a steady stream of gas. All is well as far as tests....healthy as can be. He is on a low residue diet because it has become a daily thing for him. He is active, happy and never skips a meal...drinks plenty of dehydration.
I no doubt it is one of those things that will just clear up in time....until then ...any one have any gas masks they can loan me?


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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