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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten steps forward...

Then....a few steps back.
So it goes with training Bailey.
It is the distractions that get him each and every time...nothing to do with him... the fact is his person has been ill on and off the last six months or so. Still, I do my best to get it done....he is exercised daily. Young dogs....they so need a daily walk, a good romp, the best tip I can give with your dog. Never underestimate the power of play between human and canine.

Even though I have four dogs and love to watch them play and interact with one another...I make sure that there is a form of daily structured play between each dog and I. I know...many of you are thinking there is no time...of course there is ;-)
Of course the easiest way to exercise a dog is a good game of fetch. Bailey, though a retriever was not a "natural" retriever.

To get him interested in the fetch game we started playing the "Two-fer" game... two tennis balls, or two Frisbee (two objects of the same desirability) the beginning, not a far distance. the dog will get it and start back your then show the other ball as the dog is approaching you....he will want what you have....say drop and when s/he does....throw the ball.

In the beginning the play sessions were short and they ended by my taking the two balls away and ending the game. In the beginning I remember well the short play sessions... lasted just a few seconds. Now, we have a wonderful fetch session and he actually enjoys it.
This is a wonderful game that will teach the dog to "Drop", strengthen his retrieval skill....and of course recall....not to mention strengthening the bond between human and canine!

I will often use the two balls as a distraction in our training. Let me tell you he is sooooo distracted when the two tennis balls are outside....a recall when he is playing with them....heeling him past the tennis balls...a down stay (yes and a leave it if he attempts to get one).

For now, Bailey and I will keep doing our best and time he will be less distracted.

Happy Training!!!


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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