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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunching in my jammies....

What's on Dee's Plate

Boeuf Bourgignon for one...

Impossible you way you made that dish for one...
and your right. I made what I usually make....then broke it down into individual servings and placed in the freezer.

This afternoon finds St. Augustine to be a rainy, misty dreary day. The pups and I are being curled up on the sofa reading, them napping and chewing bones.
My stomach is telling me that it is lunch glad I prepared several different dishes and froze them....I can now have my pick.

This is one of those recipes that is just about one of my all time favorites. Like most things, this recipe has been tailored to suit the ingredients I had on hand. Interestingly enough, one of those rare occasions I did not have carrots in the house.
Pot roast was used....I cut it up into bite sized pieces, a Shiraz wine for it has a wonderful peppery flavor, mushrooms, onion, garlic, beef broth, tomato paste and applewood thick sliced bacon (6 ozs), potatoes, leek along with whatever frozen veggies I had in the freezer.

From freezer to microwave set to defrost...stovetop to reheat.
I did not even stop to make a salad but rather took some baby spinach, celery and carrots...since I did not add carrots to the stew figured I might as well add to the juice....since I am not a big fan of spinach I added a couple drops of Tabasco sauce....not bad...and...yes indeed, still in my jammies...
maybe I'll dress for dinner ;-)
Cin cin
Enjoy your Saturday!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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