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Friday, January 22, 2010

The missing crown...

No matter my mood, no matter the bad day I am having...the dogs know just how to make me smile, laugh...something I so needed after my dentist appointmnet ;-)

REM sleep....something I am lacking and let me tell you it does in deed take it's toll. You will notice it in the little things you do....struggle to concentrate, pronounce words, that is if you can even think of the word your so trying to get out of your mouth.

When you reach REM sleep your body can "heal" itself, without it, well not a good thing. Many individuals with chronic illness's experience sleep disorders...I am one of them.

Wed. morning after breakfast I went int the bathroom to shower, dress. I stopped at my sink....reached for my dental floss and was out. Get a new one, open and it is not floss but rather dental tape. Oh no!!!!! I floss twice daily and well....decided to use the tape....bad idea. My teeth are very close together....the tape gets stuck and to a crown and popped it right out.

I need to find a dentist anyway would have preferred later rather then sooner. Called around, made an appointment for the next morning with All About Smiles, Dr. Marcia Nemecek. I arrive....did not even make it into the back and the dental assistant took my crown from me. Sadly....that is the last I saw of my crown.

As soon as the dentist walked in I had this over whelming feeling to get the hell out know....danger, danger Will Robinson! I was sitting in the chair, she was to my right....behind me so she could type in her pc.....I had a good view of the computer screen....she was asking me health questions (which I had already filled out) she also inquired about my "tooth ache"....wrong patient.

I could not turn my head to talk to her so we were literally having a conversation with her behind me....yes....danger, danger. I also noticed she could not, I am not very good at typing and know this to be true....I would not sit typing in a patients history....repetitive questions I had already answered. I am guessing they lost the forms I filled out when I first arrived along with my cap.

Needless to say....after a very lonnnng time and a few exits to work on other patients she was finally ready to return my cap to where it belonged....but.....yes this tale has a but, my cap it seems was missing.

This dentist blamed the dental assistant....who upon receiving my cap when I first arrived, had cleaned it and placed it on a tray. The dentist had inserted it in my mouth and then removed it and place it....well, who knows for no one could find the damn thing.

The dentist left....leaving me in the chair....and several staff members pulling the room apart. I had a pretty good laugh....hey, shit happens and today it happened to this dentist and to me. I was sure there would be no problem...I was after all in a dentist office....but this is when it gets strange....I am asked if I swallowed the cap....I hear talking in another room...things like I put it in my pocket....I was no longer laughing. I walked into the room and said "Excuse Me"?

This crazy dentist was trying to blame me and cover her ass? I demanded a temporary be placed in my mouth....I mean I really had to demand this. As I was leaving, the dentist.....would not even look at apology....nothing. They wanted me out of I was at the front desk they asked if I wanted to make an appointment for x-rays, cleaning....I reply no, call me when you find my cap....the girl at the desk says they will be submitting my paperwork to the insurance company....I snapped my insurance company was in no way going to pay for their incompetence.
Before leaving I request a letter explaining they lost the cap....they supply it.

I walked out verrrrry angry. If the dentist would have apologized...looked me in the eye and said, was an accident and explained how she would correct the problem....really it would not have been a big deal.

I am pretty sure on another day....a day where the night before I had a bit more sleep I would have acknowledged my inner Danger, Danger warning.
So....I can go back to the clinic and have what I believe to be an incompetent dentist replace my crown...or go somewhere else.
I will be going someplace else.

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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