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Monday, January 18, 2010

Positive Outlook

Early this morning as I lay in bed, that moment before you have to fully open your eyes, your body still. I felt this sensation in my hands, up my wrist and forearms....a raw nerve hands were once again bothering me. I noticed it about two weeks ago and since I have started fumbling, and struggling to do certain, simple things....thought with positive attitude....good diet....exercise I could will it away.

This past weekend, my lazy weekend I so hoped with rest it would subside, but no. It (lupus, RA) seems to be rearing it's ugly head, reminding me, always there to remind me that it lurks beneath...just waiting to show it's ugly self.

Finally excepting it...does not boost ones mood....I am a little hot blooded so it is very easy for me to get angry. Funny....I have lived with Lupus and RA for many, many years now and you would think I would have learned to better control my emotions.

I am after all only human...I have the experience to know what is headed my way...knowing there are times you can duck, or just turn out of it's way....I also know sometimes it is gonna just smack dab hit where to run, no where to hide.

The day progressed...the pack and I outside having a fun last play of the day....then I decided to sit in the sun for a little the dogs....just watch. It was then from across the yard I noticed Rocky watching me...he stood very still...I just sat and we watched each other. He then started running in my directions and I thought of the image image that appeared in a previous posting...such He ran to me and greeted me as though I had been gone....and of course I had been there with him the entire time.

One of the many little gifts given to us on a daily basis...something to help put things in perspective...a moment in time. His happy gait across the yard made me heart filled with love....I thought to myself I will get through time.
All that was needed was a positive outlook to help me better deal with my times it can be very difficult to always be up, happy and positive.
Yes, Rocky was hugged and kissed....and Thanked. He knew exactly what he was doing...he knew exactly what I needed.


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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