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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The day two Goldens saved a puppy...

This morning found the pack and I up and out having some fun before breakfast. It was so peaceful and quiet....the dogs running, romping and having fun before settling in with a wonderful stick, pine only once again chase, be chased and just enjoy one another.

As I stood and watched my pack my eyes lingered on little Niki. I watched as she ran, play bowing to each dog, inviting them to play with her. Running with the Big Dogs.
I marvel at her big dog spirit. I watch as she approaches Bailey who is happily destroying a pine cone....a few growls, a few attempts at nibbling on his pine cone, before she just takes it from him.
I also marvel at her will to survive...I remember how she came to us and the obstacles we encountered along the way.

As a puppy Niki came to us by way of the creek that was behind our house. On a cold...rainy/sleet winters day...a day that found me ill with the flu and doing my best to rest on my comfy sofa surrounded by my five dogs...a different pack...all wonderful dogs that have since left us either from from old age or illness.
My two Golden's Montana and Phoenix were being a nuisance. Running back and forth, barking whining, crying...oh my poor aching head. I "commanded" they down....I then pleaded...I whined, and cried for them to stop.

Their persistence got me up....opened the back it was cold damp and very windy...I let them out and they ran the entire length of the fence. Phoenix kept running to me....barking and heading back to the fence. I looked, saw nothing, heard nothing made them come in....firmly told them to down. Just as I was getting comfy....they once again was at the back door...and yes, once again barking crying and whining. Not at all like either of them....though I really did not feel well I again went out, this time walked the length of the fence....trying to see into the wooded area....heard nothing but wind and the creek....moving water.

This was pretty much the entire morning well into the afternoon. Finally during another outing I heard this faint cry....yipping....sounded like a puppy or small dog. I moved closer to the fence....really trying to find the location of this dog. My Golden's now realizing I finally have a clue did their best to show me just where this dog was....however....they were still moving back and forth. As I listened it appeared as though the puppy sound was moving. My heart ached for it had rained pretty hard and the water level was up...and it was pretty cold with sleet and ice in the forecast. I ran into the house and called the non emergency number for the fire department. They were polite and explained if I did not have a visual they could be of no help.

I was not even sure just what I had now dressed a little warmer, just the two golden s and I headed out. I called out, clapped, whistled....the dogs barked and barked and staying in one spot. Montana stood his ground and growled, barked....Phoenix running to me, back to bark next to was then I heard the pup clear as a bell....this was the day Two Golden's saved a little puppy.

For those of you who know know I ma just not a "little " dog person. While I respect all breeds, I just always seemed to have a mid size, to larger breed. So...a little dog had joined the pack, though I was doing my best to find her a good home. After a visit to the veterinarian clinic, vaccinations started, puppy pictures posted on my web site....this little dog was in need of a forever home.
Training was started because I know full well the best way to help a dog find a forever home is to house train and teach several much needed commands (walking on leash, sit, down and come)....little Niki is a very shy, fearful and skittish dog. She needed a home with no children, an environment where she would be loved, around other dogs and of
Sounds to me as though she was already home....but, I thought I would try to find a "better" home for her.

There were several who instantly fell in love with her images...the stories I told of her and she was wanted and already loved. Sadly, the fact that there were children in the home or who visited the homes I decided it best if she stayed put.
I did what was best for the dog and it was not that she would not be loved...she would have...she was a pack dog and in watching her she gets her strength from the pack. Being an only dog...yes, she would have been lavished with attention and very much loved...I was fearful over the fact that she would snap at children and could easily see it escalating.

I took care of her...groomed her, trained her but it did take a while for me to "love" mind was set on finding her a home. Mike was smitten with her the moment she came into our lives, not to mention the dogs....especially the Golden's...all three of them put up with her antics of climbing all over them....stealing bones and toys....things they would not tolerate from the other dogs in the pack. Her puppy license had never been revoked ;-)

Over the years we have lost pets due to old age, illness and my pack was shrinking...and changing. One of the changes was Niki's spinal injury...then a series of mis-hap's occurred at the local Animal Emergency Clinic we brought her to.

Poor little Niki was paralyzed. Surgery was performed though several weeks later we were told there was little hope. Most recommended we put her to sleep....I looked at my little dog who in spirit was indeed a Big Dog and, impossible. I rolled up my sleeves and the work began....she worked so hard....had so much trust in me...we did it together...stretches, massages, balance exercises, water therapy and agility.
Now I smile as I watch her run....ears flopping....My Little/ Big Dog that Could ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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