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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mixing it up...

Shopping, I am not a big fan....unless of course I have limitless access to money and can spend whatever I like. Sadly....while I indeed have very good all things, I am not wealthy. So...would prefer to do other thing with my time. However there are those times when I just have to muster the strength and head out to the stores...and I do so reluctantly.

Last Saturday found me at Target looking for a blender. While I like to cook, well there are those times, especially some mornings I just do not want to cook oatmeal, or eggs. I do make a batch of oatmeal once a week, as do I make several hard boiled eggs....still there are those mornings when there really is nothing ready to just eat and go.

What can be faster then adding several ingredients to a blender....and mixing it up. there I am looking at the mannnny blenders on the shelf. The mistake I made was not taking the time to do a little research before leaving the house....way too many to choose from.

Crushing ice was important and guess what, the majority all said they did that...hmmmmm. I was tempted to leave the store and do my research when I spied several boxes....Waring Pro...made in the USA. Mid range in my basket and I head to the cashier.

Upon arriving home I just cannot wait to try my new blender out....yes, I am a gadget freak and really needed to test it out. The damn thing smoked out my house. Clearly I had done something very wrong....the next day try again....nope, not so good at crushing the ice. Did I mention very cheaply made....and oh my....this time around more smoke....and boy did it heat up.

Box it back up and head back to Target. yes, this time I did do a little research and found a model that would have the ability to make a smoothie with ice...Target did not carry this I would have to return the original and head to another store.

I return the blender and as I am leaving I realize they had not refunded the full
amount, go back and question why....seems the receipt stated I have been given a $10.00 gift had not. So...cashier and I are discussing this....I request the Manager, she is the manager....she then picks up the phone and calls the folks that handle gift cards and learns that the card I was given had not been used, so is there any way to void it, cancel it somehow....sure but they need to speak with me. now I am handed a germ infested phones....oh all right I admit it....I am a germ a phobic. I am standing in Target....holding a yucky phone talking to someone in another country that does not speak English well. I am trying to listen carefully having to push this phone closer to face....yep....I was freaking out....I give my name, home address, home number....I am told a new gift card (remember, I did not purchase a gift card.....I purchased a BLENDER). Then I am told I needed a pen....ok get one....I am told even though I have given them all the needed information I now must mail then my is the address.

Say What??? I hang up and look at the young girl and say that I wanted my $10.00 placed back on my credit card. I purchased a blender, I did not want a gift card....did not get a gift card...she explained they could not....I stated she had five minutes. Please know I did not yell at the girl....she is just doing her job. I did ask her to "think"...just take a second and think about this....sigh....finally I was credited the full amount for the blender. I will not be shopping at Target any time soon.
Wondering if I am indeed the minority on this....I do not want a gift card....offer a good sale. take $10.00 off at the register.
What do you think??

New blender was purchased at another store and I am in smoothie heaven.

Some mornings I can be found mixing things up for breakfast in my new blender...that crushes ice....minus the smoke.
Feel free in sharing your most favorite smoothie recipes.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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