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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

Yes, it is in the news...Orlando and surrounding areas did indeed have snow. While it was just flurries....lovely white flakes did fall from the sky.
As many of my friends and family know I have been looking...venturing out and about in search of the flakes. I missed it....or it just did not happen in my neck of the woods.

That is until this morning....once outside there was frost on the grass and when I looked towards the lake....lots of ice found on the trees.
The subdivisions HOA...who by the way raised their monthly fee a good bit, does not do a very good job in over seeing the property. You would think they would turn off the sprinkler system during cold weather....did not even cover the exposed pipe. Of course when something goes wrong, that clearly could be prevented if only someone would oversee it....saving the homeowners a little money in the long run.
Tomorrow I will have to give them a call and mention a few things.

As the dogs and I wandered about this morning, camera in hand I did manage a few shots. To my 26 degrees...only a light jacket gloves...yep, it was chilly, though at 10 am it has already gone up to 34 degrees.
Anyone up for a dip in the ocean?

Dogs have it right....have a good f rollick, look for a few pine cones to toss about....have a little chew time then come in the warm house and take a nap.

Stay warm...keep your pets safe...though they enjoy a good romp in the cold, please do not keep them outside.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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