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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beach walk with a Golden...

Today...a day that started like any other, or so the dogs thought. All four are well aware of the fact that often times they see me up early, feeding them first thing, shower, dress....well all know I am heading out the door. They kennel themselves up knowing any moment I am going to tell them too.

My return several hours later found four very happy dogs...and as they should, they demanded some yard time. A good walk around the property...and lots of sunshine....of course... many hugs.
Since Rocky requires another round of meds and rest...Bailey and I left the house and headed for a walk on the beach.

A perfect day for there was hardly anyone sky, sun shining and the perfect temperature. We walked, trained a little and had a good romp with the ball on rope...not having a care in the world. As always when out and about with a Golden...several people had to stop and say hi, give a scritch and get some Golden licks and wags. Bailey eating up every moment of attention.
My golden pup has grown into a wonderful dog. At about sixteen months he is beautiful, ...he is happy, bright, fun dog.

Early evening finds the pack resting quietly...I am surrounded by fur. Sounds of light snoring, occasional grunt from one of the dogs getting comfy and my typing at the keyboard.
Tired dogs, and I am one tired gal!!!



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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