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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The cook is not responsible for fur found in your food...

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What's on Dee's Plate

For Michael...Cooking for one.
This weekend finds the pack and I hanging around the house...lazy, lazy couple of days. I am very much enjoying the peace and quiet. Limited time on the phone, limited time on the computer. Sometimes it is best to take much needed time and....well do nothing but fact I highly recommended it.

So many of us have such hectic schedules that we forget....both for mental and physical reasons there are times it does our body and mind good to just slow down. I knew it was going to be another of those days when I got up this morning. First thing...Morning walk with the up the yard...sticks and branches that had fallen during the nights rain and wind.

I had worked up an appetite so planned my breakfast and brought "you" along with me while I cooked. Not such an easy task for I could not set up the tripod for I no doubt would have been tripping over it.

I prepared French Toast with Challah Bread and of course my morning smoothie with orange and banana. Funny thing about french toast...we used to call it German Toast prior to WW1...due to anti-German sentiment it was changed to french toast.

In my little video I mention that I used two oranges...since I wanted garnish for my smoothie I actually used three. Refrigerated the unused portion of orange to be used for tonight's chicken.
If anyone takes the time to view my cooking video (anyone watching....anyone at all??) the first thing you will notice is just how I am so good at measuring everything out....Not.
I am not a chef but rather a "cook" that likes to eat and enjoys fresh ingredients. Oh....and I pretty much cannot follow a recipe. Love cook books and reading recipes, gives me sooo many ideas of my own. Tailoring recipes to suit your specific taste and that of your families is the only way to follow a recipe.

Yes, that was two Golden's in the kitchen during the "ice cube" scene. They heard me getting ice cubes and well.....think treats, they must have one. In my house no doubt the ingredients I would not list would be fur....I am sure on occasion you will find some...for that reason there is a little sign that reads "The Cook is Not Responsible For Fur Found in Your Food".

Of course I so love gadgets....good knives, etc. Not crazy gadgets, but those that will indeed make my life easier. When you have all the things wrong with your hands that I do....well you look for things that will allow you to continue to do what you like to do. Good knives are so important....I am still in search of something to make it easier to open jars and lid tops. Oh....and I still use a manual can opener. I have over the years had several electric ones, however their lifespan was very short and it seemed I was always having to replace. I also do not really open all that many canned goods....again preferring homemade.

I am wondering, whats your favorite kitchen gadget...what could you just not live without?

**Wonderful use for your orange rind...cut up and place in your garbage disposal...or add to a pot of water on your stove top and add spices and simmer....wonderful aroma.

Just as any other day....time spent with my pups. Games of fetch, stick chewing, finding the fallen pine cones and just taking in the sights and sounds. Breezy afternoon here in St. Augustine....the pack enjoyed the many scents often turning to a good one...breathing in....yes...this moment in is good.



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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