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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Beginnings...

New Years Eve 2009 finds me reflecting on past 12 months...the good, not so good...lessons learned.
I have never been one to make New Years Resolutions, never really saw the need to set myself up for failure. I strive for improvement on a daily basis...always new things to be learned.

2009, we brought the New year in with the addition of puppy Bailey. It has been both a pleasure and joy to watch him grow, play....we have a lovely pack and to have had the opportunity to watch the relationships in the pack flourish, especially that of Rocky and Bailey...truly joyful.

Little Niki still standing strong...the Little dog that could ;-)
Gemma...amazing how she adjusted to all of the many changes during the past year...proof as to the strength and love in our little pack...together we can get through just about anything....I give them strength, guidance, respect and love....they to me....the same.

My fifty-ith year found me a little more stiff and hands, well the progression of Lupus and RA, along with the normal aging process has indeed given me a run for my money. Several months into 2009 I realized my life was headed for big changes...the best way to describe it....fear. I was fearful of the the changes to come...of the things I would now have to struggle to accomplish....more fearful of those things I would not accomplish.
As I worked less and I picked up my camera, painted....created less and less my thoughts turned to a few years ago...when I stopped training dogs for a living because of health issues...I am indeed running out of ways to "reinvent" myself.

Sometimes it really is just best to breath in deep....find your strength and jump...
I did, and When I landed I did so with sand under my feet...Florida is now our home.
The move has brought me closer to several family members, both in miles and in our daily lives....and for that I am Thankful.
The Beach....what can I say....I love the sound, smells of the ocean. I so love the fact that during a run to the grocery store I can just stop at the pier....makes me smile. The simple joy of Taking the dogs for a walk on the beach....oh how we love it.
Of course there are trade in FL one must deal with yearly arrival of the Hurricane season.

So...Here we are...2010's arrival just hours away...
I am hoping for more of the, 2009 was not a perfect year...the economy....the fact that I have not issues...still I am saddened it is coming to a close....I will not be giving in, giving up anytime soon.

To My Friends and readers that have taken the time to visit,support us and spend a little time with us....we will be be here this upcoming year...sharing our Tales and adventures here in St. training tips, videos...some wonderful recipes for people and their dogs... sharing some wonderful images....selling some of my art work and hopefully making a few new Friends along the way.

May you each have a Happy, Healthy New Year and may you be surrounded by those you love, and those that love you the most, may you each have wonderful New Beginnings in the year to come ;-)



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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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