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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Decorating...

For those wanting to watch the turn off the sound to the site:
Scroll down, on the right hand side is the player, click the middle button.
For those wondering why I scolded Rocky at the end...he is allowed outside for potty runs, no running, play...for 3-4 weeks (one week down). When he is the most energetic I have him leashed, every once in a while he "tries" to have a good romp...I am the fun police and just cannot allow it, for his own good.

Today found Mike out front putting up a few lights...
it was 80 degrees ;-)
Sometime this week I either have to find or make a wreath for the front just needs little something. Then that is it....not going crazy with it this year.
I happen to enjoy the Holiday Season, though like to keep it simple.

Almost done with shopping, another of which I am not going crazy with. Still must pick up the dogs presents. Yes, I do happen to buy a few chew toys for the pups. They love presents...though prefer you to open them for them ;-)
A few years back we had a dog that so loved presents...did not matter that they were not for rip off the paper, and move to the next gift was sooo much fun for him.

So, tell me, do you purchase gifts for your furry friends?


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Gone but Never Forgotten

Gone but Never Forgotten
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